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‘Hardware Updates’ in iPhone X and iPhone 8 Handle Battery Issues

With the release of iOS 10.2.1, Apple included a new feature in its mobile operating system that throttled the overall operating system performance in an attempt to avoid random shutdowns on older iPhone devices. This iPhone slow-down by Apple’s software was discovered by the public at the tail-end of 2017 and that’s when the company [...]

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iPhone X Owners Experiencing Headaches and Throbbing Eye Pain

Apple launched its iPhone X featuring an OLED display as one of the key selling points of the handset, The Android OEMs had made the switch to OLED displays years ago, but Apple took its sweet time to make this switch. Folks over at Apple are known to be the perfectionists who ensured the quality [...]

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Add Glowing Apple Logo on iPhone X and iPhone 8 Using this Mod

Who does not want to have a smart device with the iconic Apple logo on its back? The Apple logo has definitely become a status symbol across the globe. On a MacBook, the Apple logo glows when you turn it on, however, on an iPhone or iPad, Apple should have made a better use of [...]

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Apple to Discontinue $999 iPhone X when Plus-sized OLED Model Launches

Trusted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities has made a new prediction in his latest note to investors on Monday that Apple will discontinue 2017’s $999 iPhone X model later this year. The company is planning to replace it with a lower-priced plus-sized model featuring an edge-to-edge OLED display iPhone model.

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How to Avoid Burn-in Issues on OLED iPhone X

iPhone X is the first iPhone model to get an OLED display. Apple calls its iPhone X display as Super Retina Display. While the OLED display brings stunning brightness levels, fantastic color reproduction, and allows a manufacturer to achieve minimal bezel design, it does have its share of issues. Image retention or better known as [...]

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Designer Envisions System-Wide Dark Mode for iPhone X

So far Apple has shown its tendency towards a light theme for all the iOS version the company has released to date. This choice of the theme made sense for Apple considering the fact that the company remained dependent on LCD display until the launch of iPhone X with an OLED display.

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30 iPhone XS / iPhone X Christmas Wallpapers

The year 2017 is about to hit its end and we will be entering a whole new year in a few weeks. This also means that Christmas is upon us. The time of festivities is here. We are almost done with the crazy shopping frenzies and people are soon going to turn to their kitchens [...]

iphone x vs note 8 lte speed test

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Crushes iPhone X in LTE Speed Comparison

While Apple has launched its latest and greatest iPhone X with an LTE modem, but it lags behind in many advanced LTE features of the Android flagship devices available in the market. The most noticeable missing feature is the gigabit LTE network support. While those Android devices with gigabit LTE, such as Galaxy Note 8, [...]

face id fooled by 10 years old boy

Face ID on iPhone X Fooled by a 10-Year-Old Kid

Apple had claimed that its Face ID on iPhone X is foolproof. However, various recent tests have shown that one can easily fool Face ID on iPhone X with the face of an identical twin or even using a specialized mask. In a most recent video, a mom shows how her 10-years-old son was able [...]

iphone x transparent rear mod

iPhone X Looks Amazing with this Transparent Rear Panel Mod

Apple latest iPhone X smartphone is a gorgeous device to own. Its bezel-less design, super Retina HD display covering the whole front, glass back and steel chassis makes it a beautiful smartphone. The guys behind EverythingApplePro on YouTube has taken things to the next level by giving their iPhone X a totally transparent rear panel [...]

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iPhone X is the most breakable iPhone ever, claims SquareTrade

Despite Apple’s claims that the company has built its latest iPhone X with glass that is among the most durable glasses ever used in a phone, several drop tests have confirmed that it is relatively easy to break. In a latest drop test video, Squaretrade crowns Apple’ iPhone X as the most breakable phone Apple [...]