Apple pushes iOS 9.2.1 13D20 Update to fix devices bricked by the ERROR 53

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Earlier this month, the report of a device-bricking error 53 spread like wildfire. Apple also acknowledged the error and said it was intentional and occurs to provide maximum security to the users. But now Apple has released a revised version of iOS 9.2.1 software update to fix all those devices turned into bricks by the error 53. This minor iOs 9.2.1 revision carries a build number 13D20.

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TSMC wins 100% of the orders for iPhone 7 processors, report claims

Apple A chip

While the next-generation iPhone (the iPhone 7?) is still months away from the official unveiling, the rumors mill has already started tossing out tidbits related to what the new iPhone model will come packed with. A recent report claims TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) has managed to secure 100% orders for Apple’s A10 chip that the company will be using to manufacture its iPhone 7 model.
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Apple could face class-action lawsuit over ‘Error 53’ that bricks iPhones


Apple has always been very keep of making its mobile operating system a secure one and the fruit company has its own way of doing so, even if it involves bricking the devices. A recently reported error 53 is one such example which Apple claims to be a security measure but it effectively bricks or disables iPhones with Touch ID repairs done by a third party repair center. The controversy went so viral that it is now attracting the attention of top law firms, which are reportedly considering taking Apple to court over consumer’s devices being rendered useless, reports The Guardian.
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iOS 9 bricks iPhones repaired with 3rd party Touch ID / Components [Error 53]

iphone repair

3rd-party repairs provide such repairs that you usually won’t notice the difference and are often way cheaper than getting services from official Apple Stores. But, with iOs 9 update, things seems to be changing. Apple’s iOS 9 software update is reportedly bricking devices that have gone through third-party repairs and some of the components have been replaced with unofficial alternatives.
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New iPhone 7 concept shows an incredibly cool design

iphone 7 Concepts

We often see some awesome pieces of conceptual designs for the future iPhone devices and most of them are impractical but still fanciful. This latest iPhone 7 concept is as unlikely as any other impractical future iPhone concepts, but the designer has made the concept an incredibly cool one by adding a 5-inch secondary display on the back, water-resistance to a design that is just 3mm thick with an edge-to-edge main display.
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You can Upgrade your 16GB iPhone to 128GB for around $60


When you are going to buy an iPhone, you end up choosing from the three available storage capacities: the bare-bone 16GB model, and the models with more storage capacity such as 64GB and 128GB. The later two are probably the best options for you given the current capabilities of the video cameras and size of the latest iOS apps and games. However, getting a model with larger capacity does cost you more; $100 more for moving up to 64GB from 16GB and a staggering $200 for moving up to 128GB from 16GB. If paying that much to get more storage capacity is going to be too much for you, then you’ll be happy to learn that there is a cheaper alternative but for that, you must be visiting Shenzhen, China.

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Apple releases iOS 9.3 Beta 1 with Night Shift mode and more

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The fruit company has released the first beta for iOS 9.3 along with new software updates for other platforms including tvOS, WatchOS, and OS X as well. Interestingly, iOS 9.2.1 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch is still in beta stage and Apple has pushed a beta version for iOS 9.3 – another future iOS version. So Apple is currently running multiple beta versions for iOS software updates.
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