Apple testing multiple iPhone 7 prototypes with dual camera, USB Type-C port, and more

iphone 7 Concepts

Within a few months of Apple’s latest iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus launch, the iPhone 7 rumors and reports have already started making rounds of the cloud. Ig this new rumor, which originated from China, is to be believed, Apple is currently testing multiple prototypes of next-generation of iPhone widely referred to as an iPhone 7. Why multiple models of the same device? it is because every prototype is different from the others with its own unique features, the report claims.

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Report: iPhone 7 to be Waterproof and sport 3GB of RAM


According to a new report from TrendForce, a research firm, Apple’s next-generation iPhone model will see a boost in its RAM and the device will also boost a waterproof body. The research firm also added that Apple will also be launching a 4-inch iPhone variant next year.
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Facebook testing features to manage relation with an ex after break up

facebook ios

While World’s top internet social network Facebook is all about being social but sometimes one might not want their posts to be seen, or to see posts from certain someone who is still on the friend list. For instance, an ex after break up. An ex, with whom one recently broke up, is an example of the person removing whom from the friends list is not the best option but, you would want Facebook to not show them your status updates, photos, or videos.
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American Express brings Apple Pay to Canada

Apple Pay

Apple has finally launched its mobile payment service, the Apple Pay, in Canada. Apple Pay was launched back in October 2014 in the United States, and Apple has now officially confirmed in a tweet that company’s mobile payment service in now available to all the American Express cardholders in Canada.
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The 4-inch iPhone 6c expected to be launched in mid-2016

iphone 5c icon

Apple’s much-rumored iPhone 6c, a 4-inch variant to the high-end iPhone 6s, will hit the market in mid-2016, claims a new report from Kevin Wang, an IHS analyst. A 4-inch iPhone 6c was expected to be launched alongside the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus back in September, however, at the last hour, it was reported that the smaller device has been pushed back in the year 2016 instead.

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Best iPhone 6s Battery cases to protect and charge your iPhone 6s

iphone 6s batter case

Looking to buy an iPhone 6s battery case? You’ve come to the right place. When the battery life becomes an issue, you just cannot rely on car or wall chargers to go through your whole day or in a journey. While Apple’s latest iPhone 6s packs some great hardware specs, its battery capacity is at par with its predecessor, the iPhone 6, which means you’ll have to charge your iPhone 6s on a daily basis after normal daily life usage. When we see the competing Android smartphones, there are some that can last even two to three days on a single charge.

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iPad Pro slightly better than Surface Pro 4 at stylus tracking [Video]

ipad pro thumb

In an effort to give a boost to declining sales of the iPad lineup, Apple has launched a larger 12.9-inch iPad Pro tablet that runs iOS and also supports an optional stylus called Apple Pencil and a keyboard case. Launching a larger tablet with a stylus has not only pushed Apple further more into the productivity niche, it has also put Apple is direct competition with Microsoft’s Surface Pro, which is not only a full-blown Windows PC but also supports stylus input and keyboard cover.
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How to Use LED flashlight for notifications on iPhone

accessibility ios

We often left our iPhone on the other side of the room and missed the vibration alert for an incoming text or a call. Those iPhone users who also own an Apple Wach do not need to worry about such missing any incoming alert because they get those notifications right on their wrist without carrying around the iPhone. However, most of the users still have to carry their iPhone with them in order to be notified of a new incoming alert when the device is in silent or mode.

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