How to Jailbreak iPod Touch 5G iOS 8.4 with TaiG

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In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to jailbreak iPod Touch 5g on iOS 8.4 – iOS 8.1.3 using TaiG. TaiG jailbreak can now jailbreak iOS 8.4 on all the supported iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad devices. TaiG jailbreak is currently available for Windows only. Hit the jump for detailed instruction to jailbreak your iPod Touch 5g running iOS 8.4 using TiG jailbreak.
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First Jailbreak Tweaks to Customize Cydia now available

cydia ios 8

Yesrterday, Jay Freeman aka Saurik – the father of Cydia app store – surprised the jailbreak community by releasing Cydia 1.1.19 which no longer runs as “root”, but as “mobile.” While the terminology seems ambiguous, this means that Cydia Substrate tweaks can now influence Cydia itself. In other words, jailbreak tweaks can now modify Cydia, giving developers ability to customized the look and feel of Cydia and even add new functionality.
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