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Apple Getting Closer to Test Self-Driving Car Software

icar concept

It was not too long ago when Apple was first rumored to be working on building their own actual car and after that, the rumors started to make rounds on regular basis. Shifting from actual Apple car manufacturing to machine learning and artificial intelligence system that will be used inside cars, the rumor has evolved through several months.

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Alleged iPhone 8 Schematics Show Minimal Bezel and Touch ID on the Back

iphone x8

Finally, we have a very first look at a supposed leak of ‘real’ iPhone 8 technical schematics allegedly showing the rear and front of Apple’s 10th-anniversary edition of iPhone. The image that was posted on Weibo today claims to give us a look at technical drawings of Apple’s next-generation iPhone. The drawings are said to be leaked straight from Apple’s major supply chain partner, the Foxconn.

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iPhone 8’s in-screen Touch ID is Apparently the Biggest Bottleneck

iphone 8 concept

Apple is rumored to launch a 10th anniversary iPhone edition dubbed as the iPhone 8.It is expected to come with some lucrative new features and a premium price tag. However, various reports have suggested that the iPhone 8 could face delay issues due to various technical challenges including a new augmented reality 3D camera system, a new thin-film 3D touch system, and the lamination process for the curved OLED display panels.

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After Dialog, Synaptics Could be the Next Supplier to Lose Apple Contract [Report]

Apple logo

Apple seems to be working on decreasing its reliance on 3rd party chip and component makers by creating its own in-house solutions. Yesterday, we reported about Apple’s plans to build its own power management chip by 2019 dropping Dialog from the supplier’s list. Now a new prediction by Credit Suisse analysts reads that the next company to lose Apple contract to supply component for mobile devices is going to be the display driver maker Synaptics.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Apple iPhone 7 Plus Speed Test

galaxy s8

Without a doubt, Samsung had shaken up the smartphone arena by launching its latest Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus and has managed to beat Apple to launch an almost bezel-free handset. The looks, however, are not the only thing that adds up to the success of a smartphone. The overall performance and the battery life are the two other crucial factors behind the success of a device. We have already seen how Apple’s 6 months old iPhone 7 Plus has outperformed Galaxy S8+ in a battery comparison. In this post, we are going to share iPhone 7 Plus vs Galaxy S8+ Speed test.
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Apple Planning to Teach Siri to Recognise Only Your Voice

siri icon ios 8

In the older versions of iOS, Siri was accessible from the lock screen which was a great security lapse for the user,
because anyone could access personal data like pics using Siri. Moreover, after unlocking the device, Siri can answer whatever you want to ask and will respond to you at your every command. In other words, Siri responds to the speech itself, not the speaker.

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This iPhone 8 Concept Brings Back the Original iPhone Design

iphone 8 concept

It is a very exciting year for all the Apple fans due to that the year 2017 is the 10th anniversary of “Orignal iPhone” and for its celebration, Apple is widely expected to release a new iPhone model dubbed as iPhone 8 that will reportedly blow the minds outta its users. The Expected difference is that this iPhone will look very different from the existing ones.
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Galaxy S8/S8+ Vs iPhone 7/7 Plus – Battery Life Comparison

ios battery

Since the Samsung announced its latest smartphone Galaxy S8+ and by getting a lot of attention, users also have a lot of question about how it will manage to become a leader in the smartphone industry. As the latest mobile devices sound itself “Smartphone”, it should have something very impressive ingredients to differ from other devices. For Long battery timing and performance, it looks like Samsung are looking to give their most important update in the upcoming S8 that will be its battery.

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