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Numerous iPhone users locked out of their Apple ID for No Reason

apple id locked

Are you locked out of your Apple ID for no reason? You are not alone. Numerous Apple users have turned to the social reporting that they are unable to log into their Apple ID which has forced them to reset their password. So far, there’s no clear reason whatsoever as to why Apple users were locked account of their accounts.

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How to Sort Contacts by First Name on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

How to sort contacts by first name on iphone ipad mac

Looking for a way to sort your contacts on iPhone, iPad, or Mac by the first name? You have come to the right place. By default, Apple sorts your contacts on iOS and Mac by the last name. While it is a norm to use last name indexing for clients and work contacts, most of the people probably think of their friends and family by their first names.

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How to download your Flickr Photos

how to download flickr photos

Want to download all your Flickr photos? Now might be a good time to log into your Flickr account and download all your photos to your computer so you may have a local copy of your images and pictures. In this guide, we are going to show you how you can download your photos from Flickr.

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How to automatically answer iPhone calls with speakerphone

how to automatically answer iphone calls with speaker

By default, any call that you receive on your iPhone will play voice through the standard earpiece at the top of your iPhone. And if you want to turn the voice to the loudspeaker, you manually tap on the ‘speaker’ icon during an ongoing call. While this is how most of the users use the speakerphone during the call. However, in various situations, you would want to automatically make or answer your iPhone calls with speakerphone without having to manually enable it by pressing the speaker button on the call interface. That’s what we are going to discuss here.

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6 Best iPhone XR Waterproof Cases

best iphone xr waterproof cases

Looking for Waterproof cases for iPhone XR? You have come to the right place. While Apple iPhone XR is IP67 waterproof certified, it can only survive up to 30 minutes underwater up to a depth of one meter. Despite being waterproof, Apple does not cover any of the water damage if you somehow manage to water damage it.

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33 Beautiful Christmas Wallpapers for iPhone XR

christmas wallpapers for iPhone XR

Yet another year is about to hit its end and we are about to enter another new year. A year-end also means that Christmas is upon us. The time of shopping craziness and festivities is here. After the crazy shopping, we will soon be turning to our kitchen to cook some favorites food for our beloved ones.
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How to use Continuity Camera on macOS Mojave and iOS 12

how to use continuity camera on macOS and iPhone

The Continuity Camera feature of macOS Mojave and iOS 12 allows you to use your iPhone or iPad to take a photo of something or scan a document and it will appear instantly on your Mac. Many apps, including Messages, Mail, Finder, and more support the feature of Mac and iOS.

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iOS 12.1.1 beta released to developers

ios 12.1.1 beta download

iOS 12.1.1 beta is now available for download. Apple has released the first beta for its upcoming software update i.e. iOS 12.1.1 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices. Hit the jump to learn more about iOS 12.1.1 beta 1.

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iPhone XR Drop Test – Turns out to be a Tough Device [Video]

iphone xr drop test

Apple launched iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max during a media event last month. The former of these was released to retail stores on October 26th. Apple claims that all these devices feature the same front glass and claims it to be the most durable smartphone glass ever. On the rear, iPhone XR features the same glass company used in its last year iPhone X model.

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6 Best Wallet Cases For iPhone XR

best iphone xr wallet cases

Wallet cases are a great accessory for iPhone XR. If you’re planning on getting a new Apple iPhone XR or already have one?  An expensive device with a larger display is more prone to damage. So why not protect your expensive iPhone XR with a decent case which not only proves the necessary protection but also adds style to it?

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Best iPhone XR Cases

best iphone xr cases

iPhone XR is one of the three flagship iPhone models that Apple launched in 2018. If you are going to get Apple’s new 6.1-inch iPhone, we strongly recommend you to get a case for it as well. While the phone looks great without the case, but we are talking about a device that costs $700+ and its front and back is all glass. Keeping the risk of damage in mind, we have compiled a list of best iPhone XR cases available right now. Our selection ranges from transparent to military grade and from budget to premium cases for iPhone XR.

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