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BlackHat: Hackers Can Take Over All iPhones With a One Character SMS

Charlie Miller and Collin Mulliner, the Security experts, claim that every iPhone in the world can be hacked with a single character SMS. Speaking at the Black Hat cybersecurity, Collin Mulliner and Charlie Miller plan to publicize a bug which will allow hackers to completely take over your iPhone. According to a Forbes report, the […]

How the PurpleRa1n Jailbreak Works, GeoHot Explains

GeoHot has posted an entry at TheiPhoneWiki explaining how his jailbreak tool: PurpleRa1n jailbreaks iPhone 3GS. Purplera1n is so simple, that it hides the complex work it’s doing from the user. Figured I’d describe it step by step purplera1n sends the enter recovery commands using iTunesMobileDevice once in recovery(iBoot), it sends the IBoot Environment Variable […]

How to Jailbreak iPhone 3GS with PurpleRa1n (Windows)

Update Nov 6 2009 How to Jailbreak iPhone, iPod Touch OS 3.1.2 Using BlackRa1n RC3 —– In this iPhone Guide, you will learn how to Jailbreak iPhone 3GS using PurpleRa1n for Windows. Once you have completely followed this guide, you will have a jailbroken iPhone 3GS in your hand and then you will be able […]

How to Enable Tethering on iPhone OS 3.0

*Update How to Tether iPhone OS 3.1.2 — Internet Tethering For those who don’t know what internet tethering is, it basically allows you to connect to WiFi or 3G on your laptop through your iPhone by turning your iPhone into a “modem”. The most disappointing announcement made at the WWDC 2009 Keynote is the non-availability […]

Icy for iPhone | RiPDev Updates Icy to Skinable version 1.4

RipDev has updated its Icy for iPhone. The latest version of Icy for jailbroken iPhones is 1.4. Updates in Icy 1.4 includes: Improved themeability: now it’s possible to specify font and table colors, backgrounds and category icons for even better theme integration. New icon by Max Rudberg. Search: package descriptions are now being searched too […]

Downgrade iPhone 3G baseband (any) to 2.28 with 3G Fuzzyband Downgrader

A few weeks back, we wrote a step-by-step iPhone guide on How to Downgrade iPhone 3G (2.2.1) Baseband 2.30 to 2.28 for Unlock. That guide let you downgrade iPhone 3G baseband 2.30 to 2.28. But there are two limitation to that guide. Your iPhone 3G Bootloader version must be 5.08. You need to go through […]

iTwin – Access Your iPhone’s Info Without Jailbreak

iTwin is a Windows based app which lets you access your iPhone databases from your PC in a simple UI. As per The official website: iTwin is a program for the Windows PC, that will show the content of your iPhone/iPod Touch databases in a quite familiar ‘Look & Feel’. You will have access to […]

How to Check iPhone Bootloader Version (Mac) | Step-by-Step Guide

In this iPhone guide you will learn how to check your iPhone Bootloader version. This guide is for Mac users only. Windows Users please go to: How to check iPhone Bootloader version (Windows) We will use BBUpdaterExtreme in this guide. A few days ago we reported about a bug found by GeoHotz that leads to […]

iPhone 3G Baseband 2.30 with Bootloader 5.8 can be Downgraded

Learn How to check iPhone Bootloader version (Windows) Geohot (George Hotz) has found a loophole in iPhone 3G bootloader 5.8 that leads to downgrading iPhone Baseband 2.30 to 2.28. The exploit to downgrade iPhone Baseband works for bootloader 5.8 only. Unfortunately, Majority of the users who wishes to downgrade are on bootloader 5.9. In one […]

How to Install and Use Icy for iPhone | Step-by-Step Guide

As reported earlier that RipDev has released Icy (a Cydia Alternate). In this iPhone Guide we will guide you through installing Icy for iPhone and how to use Icy iPhone. Topics covered under this guide include: How to Install Icy How to add source in Icy How to Install an application in Icy How to […]

How to Transfer Files from iPhone Using Bluetooth | Step-by-Step Guide

OK Readers! Here we are again with a Step-by-Step guide. As we all know that we are unable to send files to or from iPhone using default iPhone Bluetooth. To enable transferring files from iPhone using Bluetooth, there’s an application named “iBluetooth“. So, in this guide we are going to tell you How to Transfer […]