How to fix iMessage crashing due Unicode Messages with Arabic characters

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The news of a new bug in iOS 8 which results in crashing iPhone when a message containing specific set of characters is received, has been making rounds. The Unicode messages that contains Arabic characters instantly crashes the Messages app on iPhone, which then doesn’t open and keeps going back to the same SMS or [...]

New iOS bug instantly crashes an iPhone with a Text Message

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A recent bug found in Apple’s mobile OS: iOS, allows anyone to effectively crash an iPhone, or send it into Safe Mode (if jailbroken), by simply sending a string of non-Latin characters as an SMS or iMessage. The bug that involves an SMS or iMessage containing a specific string of symbols or Arabic character to [...]

iOS 9 Maps app will get transit directions [report]

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Back in 2012, in a bold move, Apple replaced Google Maps on iOS with their in house mapping solution; Apple maps. Apple’s own mapping service met with a widespread criticism due to its poor and inaccurate results which replaced Google’s efficient Maps app on iOS. Apple Maps offered lackluster point-of-interest (POI) data, and removed public [...]

iPhone 6s to feature 12MP Sony RGBW camera sensor?

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A new report from a Japanese website claims that Apple is planning to introduce 12MP Sony RGBW camera sensor in its iPhone’s next incremental upgrade: iPhone 6s. A previous report, earlier this month, also made similar claim that Apple’s next generation iPhone model will feature a 12MP camera sensor.

How to install Watch OS update on Apple Watch

Watch OS

Apple has released Watch OS 1.0.1 with performance improvements and bug fixes. Since it’s the very first software update for Apple Watch, here’s a quick guide on how to install Watch OS update on Apple Watch.

Apple Watch OS 1.0.1 Software update released

Watch OS

Apple has released the first ever software update for Apple Watch, Watch OS 1.0.1, which is now available for download. Apple’s first wearable went on sale April 24, and now several weeks later, Apple Watch OS gets the 1.0.1 update (Build: 12S632). Hit the jump for Watch OS 1.0.1 change-log and more.

iPhone 5c took a bullet, saves its owner’s life

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In a recent incident, iPhone 5c has proved that Apple makes durable and tough smartphones – to an extend that it’s toughness may even end up saving your life. One lucky owner of this 4-inch screen sized smartphone in Widnes, Cheshire survived being shot at after his iPhone 5c took the severe brunt of a [...]

iPhone 6s to come with faster 2GB RAM and 32GB of minimum storage?

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TrendForce, a leading marker intelligence firm, reports that Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will bring huge internal hardware improvements. The upcoming incremental model of iPhone will not only comes with more RAM, the firm says that it will also feature Force Touch display and will offer a minimum of 32GB storage option.

iOS 9 will use Apple Watch ‘San Francisco’ font

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Apple is reportedly going to refresh the font on iOS, which can be seen on any iPhone, iPad or the iPod Touch, with the launch of next major software update: iOS 9. If the report turns out to be true, Apple will be doing the same with its next update of its desktop operating system: [...]

Apple quietly shelved plans to make its own TV set more than a year ago


Rumors of Apple working on its own television set got louder when, Walter Isaacson wrote in Steve Job’s biography that Jobs told him that he had finally cracked user interface for a television set. If you were one of the believers of the rumor that Apple is going to launch it’s own television set in [...]

How to remove a Debit or Credit card from Apple Pay on Apple Watch


Apple Pay feature on the Apple Watch allows its users to make mobile payment without touch their iPhone, directly through the Apple Watch. The process of such transaction through has been secured by Apple by requiring a user to wear the Watch on his/her wrist during the transaction. This security measure doesn’t make the process [...]

Paper by FiftyThree adds Think Kit allowing you to create diagrams and more

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Paper app, by the developer FiftyThree, has so far been promoted as a creative drawing app, but now the company thinks that the app might have appeal for business presentations as well. Paper has been updated with a new set of drawing tools collectively called Think Kit giving application a more business-like touch.

iPhone 6s to feature A9 processor, 12MP camera, 2GB RAM, Rose Gold and more [KGI]

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Ming-Chi Kuo, a KGI Securities analyst, who has a pretty repectful track record in forecasting Apple’s upcoming product plans issued a new note issued to the clients, in which he makes seven predictions about Apple’s next-generation iPhone 6s. Many of these predictions have already been all over the cloud, but some never heard before.