Multiple Groups are Reportedly Working on Wireless Charging for iPhone 8

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The wireless charging is one of the highly anticipated features of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 model launching later this year. Reuters now has published a report that shed some light on how much attention Apple is paying to the wireless charging at the company. Apple has already been using inductive wireless charging on the Apple [...]

iPhone 8 Display to Get 521 PPI Density?

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The Retina Display, when introduced for the first time with iPhone 4, stunned the market with its gorgeous and sharp print-like text and invisible pixels at viewing distance. Apple rallied behind its Retina display for every iPhone the company has launched since the iPhone 4 model. This approach has left Apple far behind from its [...]

WWDC 2017 Announced – June 5-9 in San Jose

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Apple is bringing its annual World Wide Developers conference back to San Jose, Calif. Some 16 years ago, Apple used to hold WWDC at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose. WWDC 2017 returns to Sans Jose instead of halls of Moscone West or the stage at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium.

iPhone 8 to Feature Reinforced Glass Chassis – Steel vs Aluminum Differentiator

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A new report from DigiTimes reiterates what we have already heard over and over that the upcoming Apple iPhone 8 with 5.8-inch display will feature a reinforced glass chassis with stainless steel frame. The report further adds that the current the 4.7-inch next iPhone variant will have an aluminum-alloy chassis. The design for the 5.5-inch [...]

Sharp’s $7 Billion U.S. Plant to Break Ground in the First Half of 2017 [Report]

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Following numerous reports, rumors and speculations on the potential setup of a US-based manufacturing facility by Apple’s supplier Foxconn and Sharp, the latest report from Reuters states that Sharp in now “taking the lead” on a $7 billion manufacturing facility in the US. The plan was initially outlined by Foxconn, Sharp’s parent company.The facility will [...]

iOS 10.3 will Update your iPhone/iPad’s File System to APFS

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Apple file system (APFS) is a file system for that was introduced with macOS Seirra, currently being developed and deployed by Apple Inc. As we all know that apple released macOS Sierra last year, and along with the release it debuted a new file system: APPLE FILE SYSTEM dubbed as APFS. This format has been [...]

5 Almost Confirmed iPhone 8 Features

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While we know that there are still a few months left in the release of Apple’s latest device widely known as iPhone 8, some ideas about its features have been given through some reports and rumors that will make it the greatest iPhone of all time. Here is our pick of the features from all [...]

Designer Visualizes iPhone 8 with Steel Chassis and Glass Back

iphone 8 concept

Since this year is all about iPhone 8 and the rumors mill is already in its full swing, designers have also started to come up with their own imagined design and look of this upcoming iPhone model. In a latest iPhone 8 concept, the designer visualizes the upcoming iPhone 8 sporting a combination of steel [...]