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Holiday Gift Ideas for Apple Lovers – The Ultimate Guide

apple gift ideas for Holiday Shopping

The holiday and sales season is upon us and it’s the perfect time to buy a new iPhone, iPad, or a Mac for yourself or someone in the family who is an Apple lover. But how do you know the right one you should get? Fret not, iPhoneHeat’ ultimate guide on holiday gift ideas is just for that purpose. It’s the perfect time to get the Apple lover in your family what they deserve. In our Apple holiday gift guide, not only do we lay out our recommended best iPhone, iPad, and Mac models, we have rounded up the top picks for the cases, docks, and accessories as well. This will surely take some tasks out of your shopping list this year. We have broken down Apple products by explaining who these products are recommended for and why.

The best thing about our Apple buyers guide and Apple gift ideas is that there is something on our list for practically any budget. Even if the iPhone, iPad, or a Mac is not in your budget, you cannot go wrong getting a nice accessory for these devices.

iPhone Gift Ideas

Apple iPhone is the hottest smartphone that everyone wants. Currently, the 4.7-inch iPhone 7 and the 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus are the latest of the crop. However, the lat year’s iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus are still available at a lower price. Here are our picks from Apple iPhone lineup that you can pick to buy or gift someone during this holiday and sale season:

Apple iphone 7 Plus gift idea

iPhone 7 Plus

The larger 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus is not only the best iPhone to buy. While some folks prefer the smaller version, but a spectacular Jet Black color finish and an out class dual-lens camera with optical zoom and gorgeous Portrait mode complete with bokeh effect make the Apple iPhone 7 Plus the top smartphone pick of the year. The camera features are closest you can get to a high-end camera in your pocket.

From $869BUY NOW

Apple Gift Idea for iPhone 7

iPhone 7

If you are not the larger device guy, the 4.7-inch iPhone 7 is the best-sized device for you. It comes with 128GB internal storage option and packs all the best features of Apple. It is a sleek and powerful package that fits easily in your pocket and easy to use in one-handed operation.

from $649


Gift iPhone SE

iPhone SE

If you prefer even smaller iPhone or going to buy someone their first iPhone, the 4-inch iPhone SE with 64GB storage option is the right choice for you. You can get the Space Grey for a classic look or the rose gold option if bling’s your thing.

from $399


iPhone Accessories Gift Ideas

Since iPhone is world’s hottest selling smartphone, it’s highly likely that your loved ones whom you wanna buy something this holidays season already own it. In that case, we have some recommended iPhone accessories that you can buy and gift them to celebrate the moment.

Apple’s Leather case for iPhone

When it comes to style and security, Apple’s Leather case for iPhone is still a decent pick. It is made from specially tanned European leather which provides luxurious feel. Apple’s Leather case not only provide premium and smoother looks & feel, it does come in a range of colors to choose from and is incredibly slim. The case not only provide premium feel, it does protect the iPhone with soft microfiber lining on the inside.

$45 – $49

Otterbox Defender – Rugged

When we talk about rugged cases, Otterbox’s Defender cases sure comes to mind. Otterbox Defender is still the best rugged case available for iPhone to buy. Defender case has become the gold standard for iPhone with protection from scratches, drop, screen and dust as well. While providing solid protection, Defender iPhone cases are pretty cheaper compared to the competition.

$24.99 – $27

totallee The Scarf – minimal

If you’re not the OtterboxDefender type person, the Totallee Scarf is for you. The Totallee’s Scarf is so minimal that it does not even look like your iPhone has a case on it. It provides elegant protection without adding bulk, it’s grippy, protects from scratches, bumps, and scuffs. It comes in a matte and frosted finish which is semi-transparent. On top of all that Totallee offers a full refund if you’re not satisfied.

$14.99 – $18.99

iPhone Dock

Lamicall’s S1 Universal Cradle has made it among the best accessories to buy for your iPhone. It’s a dock, a holder, and a stand. This iPhone dock provides a perfect angle of view and keeps the iPhone is a stable state along with charging it. The rubber protection protects the device from scratches and sliding. It’s made up of aluminum alloy in a black finish. Any 4-8 inches devices are supported.


iPad Gift Ideas

iPad is also a graet gadget to gift someone. Here are our recommendations for the Apple iPad devices that you may consider to but for someone of importance in your life. We have also listed iPad Accessories that are also a decent Apple gift idea to choose for someone special.

9.7 iPad Pro gift idea

9.7 inch iPad Pro

If you’re a reader, teacher, artist, or a writer, the Apple 9.7-inch iPad Pro with 128GB storage capacity is the best device for you. Things that make it a device done right include a gorgeous display, Apple Pencil, and the smart keyboard support. If you’re really thinking about buying a tablet. 9.7-inch iPad Pro is the highly recommended tab this time.

From $599BUY NOW

Gift 12.9-inch iPad Pro

12.9-inch iPad Pro

If you are an on-the-go type of person and you PC needs replacing, you should consider 12.9-inch iPad Pro WiFi + Cellular version with 128GB capacity. It’s the next-generation of personal computing that comes with hardware keyboard support, optional Apple Pencil, and a bigger and gorgeous display.

from $799


gift an iPad mini

7.9-inch iPad mini

If you are into smaller screen tablet devices, the iPad mini 4 comes with a 7.9-inch Retina Display, Touch ID, and a huge collection of apps and games in the App Store. The best thing about the iPad mini is that it can easily fit in small bags and even in some back pockets. It’s super portable and is an excellent option.

from $399


Gift Ideas for iPad Accessories

Just likeiPhone, iPad is dominant in the tablet category. If your loved ones already own an iPad, you can choose a cool looking, productive, or a protection-oriented accessory for them during this holiday season. We have cherry-picked some of the best iPad accessories that make a decent gift idea for someone on your list of shopping this season. Here are our recommended iPad accessories that you have gift someone.

Apple Pencil Gift

Apple Pencil

Got an iPad Pro? Then Apple Pencil is one of the best accessory available for your iPad. It is the finest tech tools ever crafted. Grab the Apple pencil and touch it on the screen of your iPad Pro, it is just like drawing on the paper without any lag, parallax and has limitless potential.


Buy iPad Smart Keyboard

iPad Smart Keyboard

Apple really feels passionate about its iPad Smart Keyboard that it gave this accessory special on-stage time during the keynote. Apple’s iPad Smart Keyboard doubles as an iPad cover. It connects to the iPad Pro through its Smart Connector on the left side. It is a terrific gift for someone professional in your life who uses an iPad Pro as its daily driver.

$149 – $169

Buy an iPad Smart Case

iPad Smart Case

For iPad mini and the larger iPad Air Apple has made outstanding cases. These cases include front and back protection and a signature Smart Cover flip. The smart cover can act as a stand for typing or display, automatically wakes up the device or put it to sleep. iPad cases come in a wide range of premium colors. The cases and covers come in a wide range of premium colors.

$69 – $79

gift otterbox rugged iPad Case

Otterbox Defender

Want an extremely tough and durable case for your iPad? Ottebox got you covered with its Defender cases. You can get Otterbox Defender cases for iPad Pro, iPad Air, and the iPad mini as well. Its multi-layer protection protects from drops, dust, screen breakage.

$45 – $84

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