Best iPhone XR Cases - All Types

Best iPhone XR Cases

iPhone XR is one of the three flagship iPhone models that Apple launched in 2018. If you are going to get Apple’s new 6.1-inch iPhone, we strongly recommend you to get a case for it as well. While the phone looks great without the case, but we are talking about a device that costs $700+ and its front and back is all glass. Keeping the risk of damage in mind, we have compiled a list of best iPhone XR cases available right now. Our selection ranges from transparent to military grade and from budget to premium cases for iPhone XR.

best iphone xr cases

Accessory makers are quick to produce cases for any new iPhone model. Since we are talking about a phone from the best smartphone brand, we have picked up new iPhone cases made by the best accessory maker out there. We have done all this so you may get a premium protection for your premium device. These cases will keep your new iPhone scratch-free and also add cool aesthetics to it.

Best Cases for iPhone XR

Here we have categorized iPhone cases by type for your convenience.

Best Protective Cases for iPhone XR

Apple has introduced the ultra durable Corning Gorilla Glass 6 in iPhone XR, but one can never be too careful. We all drop our precious smartphones every now and then. And sometimes it breaks and the repairs cost a hefty amount. Here are our best cases for iPhone XR that will provide the shielding you need:

OtterBox Commuter Series Case for iPhone XR

Otterbox Commuter Series
by Otterbox

If you are looking for an ultimate protection case for your iPhone XR, Otterbox Commuter Series is meant for you. It is a thick case and comes in two-piece design that provides protection against drops and bumps. It has port covers that protect against debris. Otterbox offers a limited lifetime warranty on Commuter Series. The case comes in four color options.

$39.95 from Amazon

uag pathfinder case for iphone xr

PathFinder Series Case for iPhone XR
by UAG

One of those cases that provide ultimate protection. UAG’s PathFinder Series is a tough styled masculine-looking case for 2018 iPhone that protects the device without weighing it down. While its composition is feather light, it meets military grade drop-testing standards. It is available in 4 different color options. It supports wireless charging.

$34.95 from UAG

Casetify Impact Case for iPhone XR

Casetify Impact Case
by Casetify

Casetify is known for its unique and colorful cases. The company offers a range of artsy cases for iPhone XR and also allows you to decorate your own case. The cases not only looks good but also provides good protection, earning the company its slogan of “Real Cute, Real Tough”. Casetify’s Impact case is military grade and can absorb an impact from a 6.6 feet height. The case supports wireless charging. The company offers customization, multiple ready-made designs, and three border color options as well.

$29-45 from Casetify

Speck CandyShell iPhone XR Case

CandyShell iPhone XR Case
by Speck

Speck’s CandyShell has been in the market for quite some time now and that’s why it has made it on our list of best iPhone XR cases. It has solid colorway options. The case has minimal branding and falls in the sweet spot between thickness and protection. The case meets the strict military grade standards and supports wireless charging. It has a raised bezel that protects the display. It has a polycarbonate layer that disperses impact while interior soft layer absorbs shock. The case is available in 4 different color options.

$24.95 from Amazon

nomad Rugged Case iphone xr

Nomad Rugged Case
by Nomad

Nomad Rugged Case for iPhone XR is made of leather sourced from Horween Leather company. The source company is known for tanning leather for last three hundred years. This rugged case comes with minimalistic design and is very sturdy. The case is made of high-quality polycarbonate material. The company has tested it against a drop from a height of six feet. It supports wireless charging.

$44.95 from Nomad

Liquid Air Armor case for iPhone XR

Liquid Air Armor for iPhone XR
by Spigen

If you are out to look for something lightweight, slim and still provides military-grade protection, the Liquid Air Armor from Spigen is for you. The Liquid Air Armor features air-cushion technology that provides military grade protection. Its matte anti-slip surface provides comfortable gripping experience.

$12.99 from Amazon

Best Clear iPhone XR Cases

Since the new 2018 iPhone comes with six color options, clear cases will definitely be your choice if you want to show off the color of your ew iPhone. Here are our handpicked Best iPhone XR cases that are see through:

otterbox symmetry clear iphone xr case

by OtterBox

OtterBox is one of the iPhone accessory makers that go way back to the early iPhone models. The company has launched its popular Symmetry Series for iPhone XR. It comes in various colors including a clear and glittery clear option. The best thing about Otterbox Symmetry case is how snugly it fits the device and makes you feel that your phone is safe. The case also supports wireless charging and it comes with OtterBox’s famous Drop Protection Guarantee.

$49.95 from Amazon

speck presido stay clear iphone xr cases

by Speck

Speck’s Stay Clear series of best iPhone XR cases makes it very convenient to prominently show the six different colors of Apple iPhone. The case not only comes with two protective layers, but it also has raised bezel that protects the display accidental falls and provides protection against a fall from up to 8 feet of height. To prevent smudging, the company claims that the case absorbs UV rays and oil. It supports wireless charging. Speck offers free shipping and returns on US orders.

$39.95 from Speck

speck GemShell iPhone XR Case

GemShell iPhone XR Case
by Speck

Speck’s Gemshell case for iPhone XR has a dual layer of protection against impact and absorbs shocks. It’s a see-through style case that does not hide the actual color of the device. It has a raised bezel that protects the screen when dropped facing down and prevents the screen from scratches when lying flat. A custom-engineered soft acrylic liner protects ports from drops without compromising sound or photo quality. It supports wireless charging as well. Speck is a trusted accessory maker.

$24.95 from Amazon

speck presido stay clear iphone xr cases

by Casetify

Casetify accessory maker is known for its beautiful and unique graphics on transparent cases. The company also offers a completely clear version that will show off the real color of your iPhone XR. is known for its transparent cases with beautiful and unique graphics. While the Grip case is not a military-grade iPhone protection, it still is very sturdy and capable of handling falls from a height of 4 feet. The Grip Case comes in three different color accents on the border.

$19.99 from Amazon

Best iPhone XR Cases that are Thin

Apple claims its new iPhon to be the most durable iPhone in 2018 and numerous drop tests appear to prove the claim. If you are not worried about the drop damage but still want to protect your iPhone from scratches and get basic protection, the thin iPhone cases are for you. These best iPhone XR cases are minimal in size and does not add bulk to the device.

totallee thin iphone xr case

Thin iPhone XR Case
by Totallee

Totallee is the thinnest case that you can get for your shiny new 6.1-inch iPhone. This is the kind of case you get when you don’t like to add bulk to your iPhone, but still, want to protect it from scratches and scrapes. The case is only 0.2-inch thick. It has a raised camera ring which helps in protecting the camera from damage along with the whole body. Totallee offers 30-day money-back guarantee. This best iPhone XR case also supports wireless charging.

$27.97 from Amazon

Moshi SuperSkin case for iPhone XR

Moshi SuperSkin case for iPhone XR
by Moshi

Moshi’s Super skin is just 0.35-millimeter thick case for iPhone XR. The case is nothing short of a miracle. Once you put on this case on your iPhone, one would barely be able to notice it. Just like any other thin cases, SuperSkin is meant to protect the device from scratches. The company offers a 1-year warranty for its case. Shipment to the United States will take 5 to 7 days. This best iPhone XR case supports wireless charging.

$24.95 from Moshi

Peel Super Thin Case for iPhone XR

Peel Super Thin Case for iPhone XR
by Peel

Peel’s super thin case for Apple iPhone XR is unimaginably thin. The case firmly fits over the device. Once you put it on it becomes like a second skin and is hard to pry off. Just like any other thin case, Peel at 0.35mm thickness provides protection against scratches and wear & tear. The company does not offer an official warranty and charges $4 for shipment to the United States. The case supports wireless charging.

$25.00 from Peel

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