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Dual-SIM iPhone Teased by Chinese Wireless Carriers

The world is only two days away from Apple unveiling its three new iPhone models at its “Gather Round” event at Steve Job Theater in Apple Park. But, the rumor mill is not giving up on what’s Apple has in the box for us. This latest one is not exactly a newer and may not even be true. Still, some Chinese wireless carriers are starting to vouch for the idea that Apple may indeed launch at least one iPhone model with dual-SIM support.

dual sim iphone 2018

Both the China Telecom and China Mobile has posted the dual-SIM ques on social media, first noticed by GSMArena. The marketing material shared by China Telecom depicts an iPhone X with two very distinctive SIM trays and SIM cards on the side of the device. Meanwhile, the China Telecom approached the feature through creativity by showing an Apple with two SIM cards embedded into it.

The rumor first started floating back in June when we heard that the fruit company is indeed leaning towards a 2018 iPhone model with dual-SIM support, suggesting that it could be an option where we may see an embedded Apple SIM along with a traditional SIM card tray. The dual-SIM option was also teased by iOS 12 as some references of the feature were found inside the mobile operating system code.

2018 iphone dual sim china mobile

All these reports and rumors point at Apple introducing at least one iPhone model in 2018 with Dual-SIM support and it might become a reality. If it is true, are you excited about this particular feature? and which 2018 iPhone model would you want to be dual-SIM ready?

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