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Privacy Bug in Siri Lets it Read Out Hidden Messages Content Even on Locked iPhone

A privacy bug in Siri allows anyone to access the content of hidden message notification even when the iPhone is locked. This privacy bug in Siri is reported by Mac Magazine – a Brazilian website and it lets Siri read out contents of hidden messages right from the Lock Screen when the iPhone is locked.

siri bug disclose hidden message content on lock screen

With iOS 11, Apple allowed its iPhone users to hide the contents from the message notifications on the Lock screen. The Lock screen does show that the message has arrived but the content of that message remains hidden. Apple has made it a default setting on the iPhone X, where a simple glance at the device would unlock it and allows the user to see the content of the message notification. Older iPhone users can enable this setting manually.

A reader of Mac Magazine found out that Siri can read the content of message notifications right from the Lock screen, even when the message content is set to be hidden and must only be accessible after unlocking the device.

The content of notifications from one app that is not accessible is Apple’s own Messages app. The Siri is only able to read the content of Message app notifications when the iPhone is unlocked. But for other messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, Skype, and Telegram, Siri will happily disclose the content of the hidden message notifications to anyone who has access to your phone.

The site has verified that the privacy bug exists in both the iOS 11.2.6 and the iOS 11.3 beta versions.
The website has reported the bug to Apple and hopefully, the company will include a fix in the final release of iOS 11.3.

You can set to hide or show the message content on the Lock screen by going to Settings > Notifications > choose the app > Previews, and then finally choose your option.

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