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Drop Test: Samsung Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X

Apple launched its latest iPhone X smartphone covered with glass from both the front and back side. Samsung’s Galaxy S9 is no different is covered with the glass on both sides. The chassis on the Galaxy S9 is made of Series 7000 aluminum and the iPhone X has a stronger stainless steel chassis.

drop test galaxy s9 vs phone x

With these specs, the Galaxy S9 is stronger than its predecessor with a thicker glass and the edges are also slightly thicker to absorb the shock. But between the iPhone X and the Galaxy S9, which one if more durable? This question become more important as both of these flagship smartphones are made with an extensive use of glass making them very fragile by nature.

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A drop test conducted by YouTuber EverythingApplePro on both of these devices shows that despite having a stronger aluminum, the chassis of Galaxy S9 is nowhere as durable as the stainless steel chassis of the iPhone X. The iPhone X’s stainless steel chassis holds up pretty well through the drop tests, while the Galaxy S9+ started showing scuffs and damage signs immediately after being dropped from a height of around 3 feet.

Despite having a thicker glass, the Galaxy S9’s rear glass panel was the first to crack after being dropped from around “head height.” The iPhone X’s rear glass cracked in the next drop from around similar height. The front of both devices cracked immediately after being dropped from a “head height” which is not surprising given the amount of force they were subjected to after being dropped from such a height.

The only interesting thing in this drop test is the durability of stainless steel chassis on the iPhone X as compared to a less durable aluminum chassis on the Galaxy S9. It means the iPhone X should be able to withstand dings and drops during the real-life use. Other than that the drop test does not reveal anything new. The glass front and back on both devices were meant to break after repeatedly drops.

If you have watched the drop test video, share your thoughts about the durability of iPhone X and the Galaxy S9 in the comments section below.

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