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Apple Products Have an Average Lifespan of over Four Years

Apple’s products are widely appreciated for their longer lifespan than the products from other OEMs. Some Apple customers even use the longer lifespan aspect of Apple products to justify the ‘Apple Tax.’ While everyone would admit that Apple products have a longer lifespan, but no one knew the exact average lifespan of an Apple device. The company itself never revealed any such number. Horace Dediu, an Asymco analyst, however, has managed to conclude an average lifespan after doing some mathemagic on some of the numbers revealed by Apple.

apple products lifespan

Dediu used the total number of active Apple devices out there and the total number of devices sold by Apple to come up with a figure of product lifespan. Bothof these numbers are officially available from Apple. The resultant figure that Dediu has come up with is not related to the lifespan of a single product, but all the products that Apple sells including the iPhone, iPad, Macs, and more. The result is a lifespan of just over four years. To be more precise, 4 years and 3 months.

The result is obviously a bit skewed because the resultant number includes every device that Apple sells. Apple laptops usually have a longer lifespan and it is unlikely that an iPhone user would use an iPhone for almost four years. Anyways, more than four years of lifespan is still a very impressive number which many other OEMs would love to reach.

Apple product lifespan average

If you’re curious to learn how Dediu came up with these numbers, head over to the source linked at the bottom of this article. There you will find everything in greater details.

Via [Asymco]

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