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How to Remove Scratches from iPhone X Chassis and Polish it Back to New

Apple’s latest and greatest iPhone X is a piece of art. An edge-to-edge display on the front and a glass panel on the back sandwiching a steel chassis give it a very premium look and feel. While the shiny new steel chassis makes the device shiny, but it looks good only until scratches begin to appear on it. The daily life usage will scratch the polished chassis of the iPhone X which will take away the shine of your iPhone X. But, there is a way to get rid of those ugly scratches.

remove scratches from iphone x chassis

Did the steel chassis on your shiny iPhone X got scratches over time? Fret not, there is a solution to fix that, but only for the silver iPhone X owners.

Quinn Nelson, a YouTuber from Snazzy Labs, shows that you can easily strip away a thin layer of polished coating applied on the chassis on the iPhone X to make it shine again. This will also remove some of the scratches that the chassis received due to a fall.

The process of making your iPhone X chassis shine again is pretty straightforward. All you need is a metal polish cream and a microfiber cloth. Put a little amount of cream on the microfiber cloth and run it against the scratchy chassis of your iPhone X. Make sure to buff off the scratchy part again with a clean part of the microfiber cloth to rub off the compound. Just make sure to apply plenty of pressure this time and make the motion circulatory.

Keep in mind that this method only applies to the silver variant fo the iPhone X. Avoid trying it on a Space Grey iPhone X variant. Doing so will remove the thin black coating from the chassis of your handset and that’s gonna be permanent.

The YouTuber believes that you can apply this method to your silver iPhone X every few months to bring back its shine. Since the process is pretty straight-forward, about any iPhone owner can try it on their silver handset variant by following the steps shown in the video.

If you have a silver iPhone X with chassis scratched and you end up trying the steps mentioned in the video to bring back the shiny stainless steel chassis, share your experience in the comments section below and let us know if you see a visible difference before and after.

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