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iPhone 7 Mod Adds 512GB Internal Storage to the Handset

Since the day one of the iOS devices, Apple has only released the iPad Pro lineup with 512GB of built-in storage capacity. None of the iPhones to date have been released with this much storage option. What if you want that much storage on your iPhone 7? Well, you got to take things into your own hands and install a 512GB NAN chip on your iPhone 7 just like this guy did.

iphone 7 512gb mod

The 512GB internal storage mod requires a special NAND chip that is available in China. However, you can import it if you’re living in another part of the world. The process of replacing the existing NAND chip with the 512GB one is not for the faint of heart and requires professional skills. It involves removing the existing NAND chip which is definitely not easy and then solder the new 512GB NAND storage chip in place of it which also requires technical skills.

If you have advanced soldering tools, a steady pair of hands, can afford to void the warranty of your iPhone 7, and import the NAND chip from China, only then you should you should try upgrading your iPhone 7 with 512GB internal storage mod.

If the process is done properly, you will end up having an iPhone 7 with a working 512GB internal storage space. It will become one of a kind handset. Once you have one such device, you can visit your nearest Apple store and show the device with 512GB internal storage to the Apple employees working there to see their reactions. You can make the video about the whole thing and can also sell your 512GB iPhone 7 for a good amount on eBay.

As an iPhone user, do you see any need for having a 512GB internal storage on an iPhone? If yes, would you try installing this 512GB NAND modded chip on your iPhone 7 since there is no official solution available for this? Let us know in the comments section below.

Do you want an iPhone with 512GB of storage space? If yes, are you ready to do this mod yourself on your handset? Or wait until Apple gets around to launching one?

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