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Saurik: Jailbreak Community may end up with 3 or more ‘High Profile’ iOS 11 Jailbreak Tools

If we go back one month in the past, Jailbreak community had almost accepted that Apple won the cat and mouse game with the hackers. However, the things change quite drastically over the last week. We not only witness the first ever jailbreak for iOS 11 and iPhone X, iPhone 8andiPhone 8 Plus called LiberiOS, now Saurik – the founder of Cydia has revealed that we may end up having three or more major iOS 11 jailbreak tool releases in the near future.

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The hacker and developer behind the SemiRetore tool who goes by the name coolstar have hinted that he plans on releasing his own iOS 11 jailbreak tool. He has been seen on Twitter asking people to suggest names for his upcoming jailbreak tool.

Here’s how Saurik hinted at 3 or more imminent iOS 11 jailbreak tools:

Essentially, I think we are about to end up with three (or more! but there are three obvious ones) “high profile” (as in, from people you have heard of and who have been involved in this scene for many years) jailbreak tools for iOS 11, each with a different implementation of the core functionality (and one in particular which is going to be extremely different, as it doesn’t involve a “jailbreak daemon” ;P).

A few days ago, Saurik had disclosed that he was working with people from past jailbreaks, hinting that they were working on an iOS 11 jailbreak tool. While he did not share the names of those big jailbreak developer, but it could be Pangu jailbreak or the TaiG jailbreak team who have worked with Saurik for iOS 9 and iOS 8 jailbreaks. It is highly unlikely that he’d be working with evad3rs aka dream team of jailbreaking. The last jailbreak released by the dream team was the evasi0n jailbreak for iOS 7.

We guess that the three jailbreak tools that he is referring to could be the LiberiOS jailbreak, coolstar’s upcoming iOS 11 jailbreak tool, and iOS 11 jailbreak from the past teams such as TaiG or Pangu.

This indeed is great news for the jailbreak community. The best thing about these upcoming tools is that they are going to include Cydia and the Cydia Substrate compatible with iSo 11. Exciting times are ahead for all the jailbreakers because they will get the chance to install their favorite jailbreak apps, tweaks, and themes.

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