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iPhone X is the most breakable iPhone ever, claims SquareTrade

Despite Apple’s claims that the company has built its latest iPhone X with glass that is among the most durable glasses ever used in a phone, several drop tests have confirmed that it is relatively easy to break. In a latest drop test video, Squaretrade crowns Apple’ iPhone X as the most breakable phone Apple has ever produced.

iphone x drop test

Square trade is a company within Allstate family that deals in protection plans for varies electronic devices and appliances. For this video, they have performed various drop tests on the iPhone X by various testers at SquareTrade. These iPhone X drop tests include a side drop from 6 feet, 6 feet back drop down test, a 6 feet face down drop test, and a tumble test ran for 60 seconds. As the title suggests, the results of these tests are not very encouraging.

While the video shows some horrific scenes for iPhone X owner, it is worth noting that the phone is being dropped from a height of 6-feet which is much higher than typical drop heigh in daily life. A typical drop from pocket or chest is must shorter than 6-feet in height for most of the iPhone owners. This is definitely something to consider before stressing yourself with the results of this drop test.

The tester also claims that iPhone X is not only the most expensive iPhone to buy, but it also is the most expensive iPhone to repair. The higher repair costs and poor drop-test results have lead to the following statement from Squaretrade:

The most breakable, highest-priced, most expensive to repair iPhone, ever.

You’d definitely be right if you’re thinking about the intentions of Squaretrade. As mentioned earlier, Squaretrade is a company that sells protection plans for devices such as iPhone X. Through these tests, the company is trying to create a fear factor in iPhone X owners that their shiny, expensive new device is pretty fragile. This is definitely something to consider.

No matter how you take the SquareTrade verdict on iPhone X durability, the reality is the iPhone X is more fragile due to its glass-back compared to an aluminum-backed iPhone. I would strongly advise you to consider buying a protective case for your iPhone X. We have compiled a list of awesome cases for iPhone X, have a look.

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