iOS 11.2 Features - What's New in iOS 11.2 beta 4

iOS 11.2 Features – What’s New in Beta 4

iOS 11.2 features – Apple has released the second beta of iOS 11.2 (an upcoming software update) to the registered iOS developers. While we should not expect many new features from iOS 11.2 software update for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, it still has something unique to offer over its predecessor versions. Here we are going to talk about iOS 11.2 features – what’s new.

ios 11.2 features what is new

This features list include all the new features found in the fourth beta of iOS 11.2. We will update this post as soon as Apple releases another beta version. You can expect numerous updates to this page so it’d be better to bookmark it for future reference. Here is a detailed rundown of all the new features of iOS 11.2 found in beta release.

New iOS 11.2 Features in Beta 4

Apple released the fourth beta of iOS 11.2.  The official change-log of iOS 11.2 beta 2 did not mention much other than bug fixes and performance improvements. However, the diggers have discovered the following new features inside the second beta release:

Apple Pay Cash

apple pay cash

iOS 10.2 brings along Apple’s new peer-to-peer payments service called Apple Pay Cash. The service works through the Messages app and is meant to transfer money to friends/family or someone in peers just like a message. The Apple Pay Cash allows iOS users to quickly perform a person-to-person money transfer. In simple words, with Apple Pay Cash, it is going to be a lot easier to send to or receive money from friends.

Apple Pay Cash feature resides inside iMessage app in Messages, but technically, it’s part of Apple Pay. A user can send cash from the linked debit or credit card. On the other hand, the received cash is stored in a virtual ApplePay Cash card in Wallet that you can then use to make payments or transfer it to your bank account.

SiriKit on HomePod

sirikit for homepod ios 11.2 feature

Apple first introduced SiriKit in iOS 10. But now, Apple is going to integrate it with its upcoming HomePod smart speakers. With the released of iOS 11.2, Apple has primarily added SiriKit for HomePod feature for iPhone and iPad devices. With the introduction of this new feature, a limited app support from third-party app developers will be available for the HomePod.

With Sirikit for HomePod, users can access apps on iPhone or iPad for Messaging, Lists, and Notes using HomePod. With SiriKit, there are a few fundamental changes. While the Siri requests are made through HomePod, a nearby iPhone or iPad processes these requests. Since Apple has not yet launched the HomePod, Apple is suggesting SiriKir developers test the functionality by pairing headphones to an iPhone or iPad to see how the scenario will play out.

With SiriKit support for third-party apps coming through iPhone or iPad, and not handled by HomePod, it will be interesting to see the overall implementation of this. HomePod is launching in December and will set you back $349.

Fix for Calculator Lag Causing Missed Calculations

ios 11.2 fixes calculator lag

Recently a bug was discovered in the stock Calculator app of iOS 11 that caused missed calculations when trying to perform a calculation by rapidly entering the numbers. A lag due to a prolonged animation which failed to register some inputs turned out to be the culprit. For instance, entering “1+2+3=” would not return the correct answer, i.e., “6”, but instead, would give you an output of “24.” The animation lag is preventing all the inputs from getting registered.

The issue existed since the release of iOS 11 and somehow still lives in the current iOS 11.0.3 software version. Even the iOS 11.1 beta version failed to address the Calculator bug which is currently at the fifth beta stage. However, Apple has finally fixed the issue with the first beta release of iOS 11.2. With this upcoming software update, users should be able to perform calculations at a rapid pace.

Misc. Changes

  • Apple has added a small bar underneath the icons at the top right side of the device on the Lock screen. It is designed to make the location of Control Center more clear. iPhone X users access Control Center by swiping from the top-right side of the screen.
  • OS 11.2 also brings support for faster 7.5W wireless charging for the iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus.
  • Apple has tweaked several existing emoji characters in iOS 11.2.
  • The company has added the official marketing wallpapers of iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X for older iPhone models as well.
  • Additional Live wallpapers for the iPhone X.
  • The firmware also fixes the flickering of boot logo.
  • The Now Playing card that appears in Control Center when AirPlaying content on an Apple TV has also been tweaked slightly.
  • Two new informational popups in Control Center appears for WiFi and Bluetooth toggles.

We will update this post as we find any new feature inside any future beta release of iOS 11.2. If you want to try iOS 11.2 beta on your iPhone or iPad, check out our detailed installation guide:

How to download and install iOS 11.2 beta (both developer and public betas)
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