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3D Face Scanner to be the ‘Crown Jewel’ Feature of iPhone 8

Mark Gurman of the Bloomberg has posted a preview of all the new features expected in the iPhone 8. His roundup of iPhone 8 features tells the tale about Apple that how the company despite not being the first to introduce a new tech managed to dominate the smartphones market by offering a better user experience.

iPhone 8 preview Bloomberg

Apple will be launching ‘s’ upgrades to the current iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models. other than that, 2017 also marks the 10th anniversary of the original iPhone. To celebrate it, the company is widely expected to launch a premium new iPhone variant called iPhone 8. This premium iPhone is getting all the limelight right now surrounded by a lot of interest and hype.

This premium iPhone 8 will feature OLED display with almost bezel-less front, an all-new 3D facial scanning tech, inductive charging, virtual home button, and much more. Bloomberg’s roundup provides an insight on how other OEMs have beaten Apple in introducing the new tech and Apple still managed to outclass them by making the same take superior with the best implementation and user experience.

According to the report, the vertically aligned dual camera setup on the rear of the iPhone 8 will allow AR apps to work better. The home button will become a virtual home button on the iPhone 8 and will likely be setup in functionality when compared to the competitors.

The report cites the rumored 3D facial scanning as the “crown jewel” feature of the iPhone 8. The feature will be used not only for unlocking the device but will also authenticate Apple Pay transactions. This new facial scanning tech will be able to scan user’s face and unlock the device in just a “few hundred milliseconds” even in the low-light conditions. While many competitors of Apple running Android OS are already offering facial scanning feature but it does not work well in low light conditions. Apple has overcome the low light scanning issue by adding infrared sensors which can create a mesh of the user’s face even in the dark.

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