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3D Printed iPhone 8 Hands-on Video

YouTube star Unbox Therapy has come up with a hands-on video of an iPhone mockup. The guy himself 3D printed this iPhone 8 dummy based on all the recent rumors and reports that have been making rounds of the cloud. He closely followed recently leaked schematics to come up with a physical mockup for Apple’s most-anticipated 10th-anniversary edition.

iphone8 mockup

Since this iPhone 8 mockup has been 3D printed, it is made of plastic. The idea behind creating this mockup is to get an idea how the iPhone 8 would look like and compare it against the current iPhone 7 model. The mockup clearly demos the two most rumored features of the iPhone 8; a vertically aligned pair of camera sensors and a screen glass covering the whole front of the device.

Before you get too excited about this final outcome, it’s worth noting that this mockup is based on the renders from Benjamin Geskin who doesn’t have an accurate track record when it comes to unreleased Apple products.

Nonetheless, the mockup does manage to demo some of the rumored aspects of the iPhone 8 in the right way. The iPhone 8 mockup shows almost bezel-less design, lack of a physical home button, a proprietary Lightning connector at the bottom, and a stainless steel chassis sandwiched between glass panels on the front and the rear of the device.

Apple is expected to unveil 3 new iPhone models later this year, including a 10th anniversary iPhone (widely called to be an “iPhone 8” or “iPhone Edition”). The iPhone 8 is expected to come with the features shown in the mockup. Other than that the device is expected to feature wireless charging, faster-wired charging, and a revolutionary 3D front-facing camera for some kind of iris or facial recognition.

<iframe width=”798″ height=”449″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/Ua61ltayFNg?rel=0?ecver=1″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

What do you think about the iPhone 8 mockup shown in the video above? Excited about the real deal?

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