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Another iPhone 8 Schematic Leak Suggests Vertical Dual Cameras, Wireless Charging

The leaks related to iPhone 8 and its rumors mill are in full swing these days. So far we have seen quite a few iPhone 8 leaks and rumors. Some of the iPhone 8 details are getting repeated over and over in these rumors and leaks. We are here with yet another alleged iPhone 8 schematics shared by a serial leaker OnLeaks on twitter.

iphone8 schematic leak

OnLeaks (@onleaks) has tweeted an image of an alleged iPhone 8 schematics and adds that he has been tipped off with this image and could not confirm the legitimacy of the image. Most of the elements shown in this schematic are pretty standard among most of the rumors and leaks, but there is one interesting bit that hints that maybe, just maybe this time around, Apple will include wireless charging in the iPhone 8.

The most prominent thing in this iPhone 8 schematic is the large circular area in the middle. This area suggests that Apple may, in fact, include wireless charging feature into its upcoming iPhone. Another interesting bit in this alleged schematic image is that there is no fingerprint sensor on the back of the device, suggesting that in this design Apple has either figured out a way to embedded the Touch ID beneath the display – or completely removed it.

The image also shows dual lens camera setup in which the sensors are stacked rather than aligned horizontally. This is one of the many features that have become a standard among rumors and reports. It is also being said that the camera in the iPhone 8 will be designed in a way to better feature virtual and augmented reality.

All these leaks are unofficial, and you should take them with a pinch of salt. But, if the majority of these leaks are true in some capacity, it would mean that we have seen a good number of prototypes or ideas that the company has considered for the 10th-anniversary edition.

What’s you favorite feature that has been rumored for the iPhone 8?

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