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iPhone 8 Dummy Shows edge-to-edge display, Invisible Touch ID, Longer power button

The rumor mill for Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 is in full swing and going back and forth between two different designs for the 10th-anniversary edition. Some rumors suggest an iPhone 8 made of aluminum, while the others are favoring a more drastic design with a curved glass of the front and back. Today, an unverified leak depicts the latter device.

iphone 8 dummy

The leaked photos of an alleged iPhone 8 dummy show a device made of glass and stainless steel. The device seems to have an edge-to-edge front display with an almost-invisible bezel. There is no Touch ID sensor visible on the back or the front of the device, implying it will be integrated beneath the display.

Benjamin Geskin on Twitter is behind these leaked photos. These alleged iPhone 8 photos are supposedly a CNC dummy model of the iPhone 8 chassis. The leaker doesn’t talk about what stage of production process this model is from. Almost all of the photos in this leak does not have an Apple logo.

Since the source doesn’t have a track record when it comes to Apple leaks, so it is advised to take these photos at face value. However, they are mostly in line with what we have been hearing from other sources. The back of the device doesn’t have anything other than much-rumors vertical dual-lens camera setup.

iphone 8 dummy3iphone8 dummy1iphone8 dummy2

There is no Touch ID sensor visible on the back or the front of the device, which implies tat it’s either completely removed as suggested by some of the analysts or it is integrated beneath the display to achieve a full display front. The placement of Touch ID on the iPhone 8 remains the contentious issue as Apple is reportedly struggling with the mass scale production of a biometric system integrated under the display.

While the front of the device is covered by the black screen and looks stunning with almost invisible bezel, it is not clear if this dummy has the screen component installed or not. The earpiece can be seen at the top middle of the front; the holes for the cameras, proximity sensors, and other parts can’t be distinguished.

The bezels of the device echo an iPhone 4 aesthetic with a stainless steel polished finish. There is also a space gray bezel option shown int he pics. A separate mute switch and volume buttons on the left side of the device are also visible in the photos. The power button, on the right side, seems to be elongated. The same leaker has also shared an alleged schematic showing an array of components laid down beneath the screen and an additional noise-reduction microphone in the dual-camera bulge.

iphone 8 dummy4

The device shown in these pictures sure is exciting and depicts a major upgrade over the current iPhone 7 design. However, no one can say for sure if these photos are legit. So, take this leak with a pinch of salt and wait for Apple to officially launch the iPhone 8 later this Fall.

While there have been contradicting reports related to the overall design of the iPhone 8, the features of the smartphone seem locked down. Most of the rumors and reports agree that the iPhone 8 will come with an OLED 5.8-inch display, 3GB of RAM, wireless charging, and a 3D sensing front camera.

iphone 8 dummy5

Apple is widely expected to unveil three different models in 2017. Two of these new iPhone models will be an iteration of the current iPhone 7, while the third one is being speculated to be the 10th-anniversary edition with an OLED display.

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