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This iPhone 8 Concept Brings Back the Original iPhone Design

It is a very exciting year for all the Apple fans due to that the year 2017 is the 10th anniversary of “Orignal iPhone” and for its celebration, Apple is widely expected to release a new iPhone model dubbed as iPhone 8 that will reportedly blow the minds outta its users. The Expected difference is that this iPhone will look very different from the existing ones.


Different designers came up with their own concept photos and videos presenting different ideas about the iPhone 8 before the official its release. And today, we have been treated to another such concept.

This new concept is designed by Computer Bild and created by designer Martin Hajek, for the upcoming iPhone 8. The company has taken notes from these concepts as a suggestion and it is believed that the upcoming iPhone 8 will be an inspired device from its predecessor.


The designer of this concept believes that the iPhone 8 will use a design similar to that of original iPhone launched in 2007. The iPhone 8 visualized in this concept has black plastic antenna area at the back bottom of the device. In the concept, the designer shows that an iPhone 8 with a design taken from the original iPhone with added modern touch will indeed look amazing. The designer calls this concept, the iPhone X.


The iPhone X in the COMPUTER BILD edition is an eye-catcher: it’s flatter, chicer – and the XXL screen with similar compact dimensions already a display giant! The screen, which is slightly rounded to the outside, covers nearly the entire front of the smartphone – only the upper of the two stereo speakers and the front camera is given a small black frame. The traditional home button disappears – but only at first glance. In all important living conditions, the helping circle with integrated fingerprint sensor appears as usual but in virtual form. The dual-camera known by the iPhone 7 Plus remains, but does not stick out now.

Moreover, some other rumored features have also been highlighted, such as an edge-to-edge display and removal of the home button. It is worth mentioning here that Samsung has already introduced these rumored features for the iPhone 8 in their latest Galaxy S8 devices.



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