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First Alleged iPhone 8 Case Leaks Out

Another day, yet another iPhone 8 related leak. This time we are seeing a very first photo of an alleged iPhone 8 case that has been leaked into the wild. This leaked case gives us an idea of how the final iPhone 8 might look like. At first glance, the photo clearly shows a vertical hole for the dual camera setup.

iPhone 8 case leak

The first photo of an alleged iPhone 8 case has leaked online thereby giving us a look at how the final handset might look like. Right away, it is clear from the leaked case photo that the iPhone 8 will feature a vertical dual camera setup.

Other than the vertical dual camera, there is no other cut-out on the rear side oft he case. This debunks all those rumors and reports claiming that Apple is going to place the Touch ID sensor on the rear side of the device. This possibly means that Apple is sticking to its plan of embedding the Touch ID under the display despite various reports suggesting the embedded fingerprint sensor to the bottleneck in the mass production of the iPhone 8. However, there is still a possibility that Apple may backtrack on its plan and ends up moving the fingerprint sensor to the rear of the device as there still are a few months in the official launch.

Since the case also lacks any kind of cut outs at its rear, it debunks rumors and reports of Apple placing the Touch ID sensor on the rear of the iPhone 8. Instead, this possibly hints at Apple sticking to the decision of embedding the Touch ID scanner into the display of the iPhone 8 despite production woes being faced by its vendors. With the iPhone 8 still a few months away from its launch though, it is always possible that Apple backtracks on its decision and ends up moving the Touch ID scanner to the rear of the device.

It is not possible to come up with the actual dimensions of the device based on this leaked photo of an alleged iPhone 8 case. However, There is cut-out for the Lightning connector and speaker cutouts can also be seen at the bottom of the case.

In the past, almost all cases leaked for an upcoming iPhone model turn out to be pretty accurate, however, there is always a chance of this case being a dummy unit made base on the renders, reports, and rumors related to the iPhone 8 floating all over the internet. There is also a possibility of this case belonging to one of the many prototypes that the company has been testing for the iPhone 8.

If everything goes as planned, Apple will be unveiling its latest smartphone models during a special event in September. Three new models of iPhone are expected this year; one being the iPhone 8 and other two are going to be an incremental update to the current iPhone 7. Due to short supply of Display panels and a complex manufacturing process of Touch ID, the iPhone 8 release could get pushed back another month or two.

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