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Analyst: iPhone 8 Won’t be as Curved & Edge-to-Edge as Galaxy S8

Today, as a reply to the clients, Jp Morgon analyst Rod Hall gave his latest note on Apple supply chain. In his note to investors, Hall noted that Apple will increase the pricing of its iPhone 8 and other new models across the board and also talks about iPhone 8 specs.

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Now that Samsung Galaxy S8 has officially been unveiled to the public, the new S8 comes with some cool new features that leave apple, with its current smartphones arsenal, far behind in comparison. Apple will reportedly launch its iPhone 8 with a curved OLED display but it won’t be as curved as Galaxy S8’s infinity display. If turns out to be true, this will crown Samsung when it would come to an edge-to-edge display comparison.

“While Apple’s new OLED form factor looks similar, current indications are for less use of curved OLED which may result in a slightly less “infinity” screen form factor.”

The report also states that this year’s iPhone 8 might cost you more than $1000 and all other iPhone models will also see an increase in the price. However, Hall did not specifically mention the new pricing for the upcoming devices from Apple.

The report also supports the previous reports that new upcoming iPhone will remain with the 3GB RAM. Hall also notes that his predictions about “iPhone SuperCycle” is now increased from 260mn units that will be in 2018 from its previous estimated value of 245mn. That is the huge change in value against 225mn.

“We have raised our FY18 iPhone forecast to 260mn units (vs. consensus at 225mn) from 245mn units, driven by a strong feature upgrade and robust replacement demand, with the installed base at 1.1bn units. With a ~$1,000 ASP for the OLED model, we also anticipate ASP expansion in the next iPhone cycle.”

Earlier this week, Hall said in his note that there will be a higher increase in the iPhone 8 price will help control high demand for the new camera features that will be included with the new iPhone. Also, There is an expected major physical change in the design outweighing the Apple’s bill of materials.

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