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iPhone 8 to Feature Reinforced Glass Chassis – Steel vs Aluminum Differentiator

A new report from DigiTimes reiterates what we have already heard over and over that the upcoming Apple iPhone 8 with 5.8-inch display will feature a reinforced glass chassis with stainless steel frame. The report further adds that the current the 4.7-inch next iPhone variant will have an aluminum-alloy chassis. The design for the 5.5-inch variant is yet to be finalized by the fruit company.

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Foxconn and Jabil Circuit (a US based company) will be responsible for supplying the reinforced glass chassis and stainless steel frame for the 5.8-inch iPhone 8 model. The Catcher Technology has been assigned the task to supply aluminum-alloy chassis for the 4.7-inch iPhone variant.

An aluminum chassis for the 4.7-inch iPhone variant makes sense for two reasons: a lower price tag and a way to differentiate it from the Plus and premium iPhone variants. The use of aluminum chassis in the smartphones has become a norm and it is a costly affair to forge a stainless steel body. The report also adds that the 4.7-inch variant of the upcoming iPhone will still have glass on the back and the front side which is required to support wireless charging.

So far, we have heard through various rumors and reports that, Apple is expected to launch a 5.8-inch 10-th anniversary edition of the iPhone.This 5.8-inch iPhone model will feature an OLED display and could cost more than $1000. It will feature a larger battery pack to power the device. Other than this model, Apple will reportedly also launch two other iPhone variants this year.

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