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iOS 11 rumored to Add Group Calling to FaceTime

Apple is known for announcing its major mobile operating system update during WWDC event, which is held once a year. This year, Apple is set to unveil iOS 11 during Worldwide Developers Conference and rumors has it that this upcoming software update will bring group calling feature to the FaceTime.

The Verifier, based on its sources familiar with the iOS development process, claims that the FaceTime group calling feature is on its way to Apple’s mobile operating system. As of now, only two people can FaceTime each other and it has been this way since the launch of FaceTime back in 2010.

With the presence of the fierce video calling competition from the likes of Skype and Google Hangouts, Apple should have considered introducing group video calling feature sooner than the iOS 11. If this rumor just turns out to be another iOS related rumor and not a reality, it would mean the Apple itself wants its competition to own that space.

Apple did similar new feature delay in its popular iMessages service, however, the company showed some love to the iMessage service by introducing numerous new features and finally addressed many complaints in iOS 10. Apple also added new features and introduced new apps for the Messages as well. Let’s hope that just like iMessage, Apple show some love to both the FaceTime and FaceTime video in iOS 11 as they are in dire need of improvements.

There is still time in WWDC 2017, which is expected to be held in the first couple of weeks of the June, until we know for sure what Apple has planned for the iOS 11. The majority of the spying eyes are concentrating on upcoming iPhone 8 and iPad models, it seems we won’t be getting much of a sneak peek inside Apple’s next major mobile software update before it’s pushed to the developers for testing.

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