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5 Almost Confirmed iPhone 8 Features

While we know that there are still a few months left in the release of Apple’s latest device widely known as iPhone 8, some ideas about its features have been given through some reports and rumors that will make it the greatest iPhone of all time. Here is our pick of the features from all the rumors and reports floating around that we think are almost confirmed to debut with the upcoming iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 Features (Rumored and Reported)

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A11 Chipset

As we all know that with every new smartphone, Apple has always given best performance as they debut their new A-series chip alongside the new device. The iPhone 8 will not be any different from other old models. Although its other specs are still unknown, this A11 chip which will be fabricated on TSMC’s 10nm fabrication process is mean to make its way inside new iPhone 8.

In this new model of iPhone, apple will continue dealing with Fusion 4-core design that debut in A10 chip series. But some rumors also said that company will enhance it by boosting clock speed which will make it faster and more power efficient thanks to TSMC’s Fabrication Process.

The GPU inside the device will also get a boost for better performance and we might see the Apple designing their own GPU according to the A11 chip this year. This GPU will also offer performance as similar to some gaming consoles available in market these days.

New Design

Apple is expected to introduce an all-Glass design for the iPhone 8 this Year. As the iPhone 8 will be launched in Q3 of this year, Apple is also expected to launch a couple of additional models with a design that debut with the iPhone 6 in 2014. Although Apple usually refreshes its iPhone design every two years but they decided to change it last year as the iPhone 7 came with the same iPhone 6 like design third year in a row. This lack of design change have made people more excited about the design of iPhone 8 and that’s why expectations for new iPhone are already pretty high.

Many reports have collected about the apple releasing the iPhone 8 with a new Glass design with a metallic chassis. They might use ceramic or stainless steel instead of Aluminium for a smooth feel and premium look. Apple used this glass design in iPhone 4 and 4s before switching to the aluminum case in iPhone 5 and onward.

The reports also suggest that this mobile device will come with a bigger screen, no physical home button and an edge-to-edge display. As the Apple is trying to remove the home button from the bottom, the Touch ID Sensor will be integrated into glass display cover towards the bottom of the handset. All these changes in iPhone 8 will make this device a very different from the previous models.

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Wireless Charging

This new glass design of iPhone 8 is important and will allow apple to give users the wireless charging capabilities. Multiple reports have claimed that it will come with long-range wireless charging. The company also working on Long-range wireless charging technology but not sure if it will be available for mass production or adoption anytime sooner. Apple has reportedly hired the services of Energous, the company that has successfully demoed its WattUp long-range wireless technology. This Wireless charging will reportedly be available on all three upcoming models of new iPhone that Apple is planning to launch this Year.

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Edge-to-Edge OLED Display

Apple is using LCD display for its iPhone from the beginning. Despite the fact that the company always uses the best LCDs for their smartphones, OLED displays have surpassed the LCD in quality lately. Not only they are thinner, they can also reach the highest level of brightness, according to their deep black levels they also have infinite contrast ratio and wide viewing angles. These OLED come with minimal bezels which will allow Apple to offer an edge-to-edge display with iPhone 8.

As we all know that iPhone 7’s wide gamut color display got awarded as best LCD used, Samsung galaxy note 7 also got best display award. There is a problem in using OLED displays; the production constraints. Since these LED’s are the new and tough invention, there are not many suppliers for it. As for other smartphones, Samsung is manufacturing these LEDs in a wider range and also supplying them to the android OEM all over the world. For apple, it is difficult for Samsung to fulfill the need of Apple’s OLED demand for iPhone alone. Also, apple prefers getting supply from different suppliers to avoid supply constraints. As apple is dealing with these struggles, other smartphone companies like LG, Sharp and JDI are also struggling with their issues in OLED factories. Due to these supply constraints, Apple is said to have limited the LED display only for the iPhoen 8 model, not the other two.

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Curved display

As mentioned above, apple’s latest premium model is expected to feature OLED display. The panel will be curved on both edges like Samsung galaxy edge series. It would be good if apple takes advantage of this curved feature and give some new features and not just for the design. Since these OLED panels have small bezels than LCD due to touch controller sensors being integrated into touch panels, Apple is expected to launch the premium iPhone 8 model in 5.8 diagonal display. This unique selling point of the handset will also allow Apple to set a higher retail price for the handset thereby translating into fatter profit margins for it.

Release Date

Apple has always unrevealed their iPhone in the start of September and followed by its release in late September. Until and unless the company hits some major technical snag or supply issues, the iPhone 8 will also be launched in September 2017.

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