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New leak claims iPhone 7 can record 4K videos at 60FPS

Here comes yet another report claiming to have details about Apple’s yet to be unveiled smartphone. A member of a Vietnamese website claims to have spent a good amount of time with Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7 and have shared some revealing details about the device. Since this report comes without any pictorial proof, it is hard to confirm if the leak is true or not. So, it’s advised to take it with a pinch of salt.

iPhone 7 Dark Space

The leaker claims that the iPhone 7 will indeed come in two new color options. The color that is going to replace Space Gray color will have a matte finish with an Apple logo done in the same finish. The other Silver color option will continue to have the glossy Apple logo. The leaker also claims that the volume buttons of iPhone 7 have also seen minor tweaks.The company now has placed the volume rocker directly into the chassis of the device, instead of being placed in the frame.

The most interesting bit of information shared by the member is about iPhone 7’s video recording capabilities. He claims that Apple’s upcoming smartphone will be capable of capturing a 4K video at 60frames per second. It’s worth noting that no other smartphone to date is capable recording a4K resolution with at such a high FPS. Apple A10 chipset, which is reportedly 35% faster than the iPhone 6s, will definitely provide the processing muscles for such high resolution and FPS video. This improvement in video capturing also makes sense why Apple is doubling the storage on iPhone 7 across the board.

The leaker further claims that the iPhone 7 will have a home button identical to iPhone 6s except that it is capacitive in nature. He further adds that the SIM tray on the new iPhone 7 will have a rubber seal around it giving weight to the IPX7 rated waterproofing rumors.

While the details revealed by the member about the upcoming iPhone 7 are plausible, it is still hard to believe the leak outright due to the lack of any pictorial proof.

What do you think about your smartphone getting 4K resolution video recording at awesome 60FPS? Definitely sounds cool to me!

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