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iPhone 7 goes through Brutal Scratch and Bend Tests [Video]

Now that Apple’s latest crop of smartphones, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, is finally available to the general public, people have already started posting different test videos for the handsets. Previously, we posted iPhone 7 / 7 Plus waterproof test that the devices successfully survived. Now in another video, a YouTuber has posted a video in which the iPhone 7 goes through brutal scratch and bend test. Hit the jump to find out exactly what happens when the iPhone 7 is scratched and the tried to bend.

iphone 7 scratch test

The video reveals that the hardness of the glass on the front of iPhone 7 is on par with a “typical smartphone screen hardness.” This means that the likes of coins and keys won’t be able to scratch it easily, you should still protect it with some sort of plastic film or harden glass against other kinds of hard material. Touch ID,however, turned out to be pretty sturdy as compared to the likes of Galaxy smartphones which usually have plastic home buttons.

Just like the home button, the back of the matte black iPhone 7 will not easily scratch from keys and coins. However, sharp objects like knives can scratch it pretty easily. To our shock, the rear 12MP shooter is not protected with sapphire glass as claimed by Apple. While the camera glass resisted the scratches, but it’s not as hard as a sapphire glass is.

In a brutal bend test, the water-resistant adhesive came out,but the shell itself remained intact. This makes it clear that the iPhone 7 won’t suffer from any bendgate issue the original iPhone 6.

While the different tests performed on the iPhone 7 in the video were too brutal to watch comfortably, it is amazing to see how iPhone 7 survived all those tests without any effect to its functionality.

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