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iPhone 7 to come in 32 GB base storage option, finally ditching 16 GB model

While the majority of the Android flagships are coming with 32 GB or up as a base storage option, Apple is stuck with 16GB base storage model even with the current latest iPhone 6s lineup. Things, however, appears to be changing if the report from IHS Technology analyst is to be believed.

Kevin Wang of the IHS Technology claims that Apple will finally be dropping the 16GB storage option from its upcoming iPhone 7 lineup and will offer 32GB storage as a base model. He further adds that the company will offer the same amount of RAM (2 GB) in its new models that it provided in the iPhone 6s models. However, it remains unknown if the analyst is referring to the iPhone 7 lineup or just the iPhone 7. Ming-Chi Kuo of the KGI Securities has claimed in the past that the larger iPhone 7 Plus/Pro will feature 3 GB of RAM to better serve the memory needs of the much-rumored dual camera system.

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Apple has long been under criticism for offering 16GB iPhone as its entry-level model because it makes it harder for users to install larger games files or applications, application or software updates, and keeping media files on the device. It’s worth mentioning that company’s arch-rivals have already made 32GB as their standard entry-level storage option.

Last year, Apple offered its iPhone 6s model in 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB storage options and skipped 32GB variant altogether. 9to5Mac notes that “One theory for keeping 16 GB around so long is that allows Apple to upsell a lot of customers onto the 64 GB model for an additional $100 of bottom-line revenue.” According to Wang, citing “supply chain research” the 16GB iPhone option will finally die this Fall as there is not evidence of 16GB ROM components and the company will bring back the 32GB storage option as its entry-level offering.

Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus is widely expected to come with a dual-camera system and a Smart Connector which will be replacing the 3.4mm audio jack. Both of these two new features are said to be iPhone 7 Plus exclusive.

Rumors, claiming a different kind of new features planned for the iPhone 7, have been making rounds for months now. However, it’s the first time we have heard that the 32 GB storage option will become the base-model. We will have to wait until Fall when Apple will official unveil its new iPhone device to know for sure what’s inside the iPhone 7/Plus.

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