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iPhone 7 Display Components Leaked into the wild [Photos]

Apple’s next-generation iPhone model, widely referred to as ‘iPhone 7’ will logically be unveiled in the Fall of this year. As we approach closer to the official unveiling of iPhone 7 later this year, leaks related to this upcoming iPhone are bound to happen. And now it seems like iPhone 7 leaks have officially kicked off.

A backlight panel which is said to be meant for Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7 has allegedly been leaked in photos into the wild. In case you’re not familiar, Display that comes loaded inside iPhone devices consists of several layers patched together. First comes the front glass protective layer for an LCD panel with pressure sensors and then a backlight panel with a protective metal plate.


The backlight panel shown in the allegedly leaked photos is essentially identical to the backlight components used in the current iPhone 6s. However there are some minor but noticeable differences between the backlight panel of an iPhone 6s and the leaked one.

The alleged photos shows that the flex cables and 3D Touch chip have been shifted around. Interestingly enough, initial reports suggest these leaked parts could be for much-rumored 4-inch iPhone model widely referred to as ‘iPhone 6c’. However, it has been rumored over and over that the iPhone 6c won’t come with 3D Touch, but the leaked parts shown in the photo has 3D Touch chip which stands to reason that these parts are meant for the larger iPhone 7.

Authenticity of these leaked photos cannot be verified, so it remains to be seen whether these components are produced by an Apple’s supply chain partner or by a Chinese knockoff manufacturer.

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