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iPhone is the most popular camera device in Flickr’s year in review 2015

iPhone has surpassed to become the top camera used by the Flikr users in the year 2015. Flickr, in its latest year in review, reveals that iPhone is the most popular camera device used to capture photos and videos in 2015 by the Flikr community.

flikr most popular camera 2015

That does not mean that the dedicated cameras do not have any place in Flickr’s 2015 year in review. While the smartphones maintain a healthy lead over the dedicated cameras, the photo-sharing review indicates that DSLR is still holding a close second. The latest numbers reveal that Flickr users used smartphone camera 39% of the time to share videos and photos to the service while DSLR devices were used 31% of the time. Point-and-shoot cameras managed to secure 25% while only 3% of the time users used mirrorless cameras to share stuff on Flickr.

When we look at the device wise breakdown of the results, iPhone holds a healthy lead of all other devices including the likes of Canon and Nikon. Specifically, 42% of the total uploads on Flickr in the year 2016 were done using the iPhones, while Canon (EOS) was used 27% of the times, followed by Nikon (D) which was used 16% of the time to upload photos on the service.

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A further breakdown of the devices by Flickr reveals that iPhone 6 was the most popular camera smartphone used for sharing on Flickr, followed by the iPhone 5s, and Samsung’s Galaxy S5 managed to secure the third position on the list. Other iPhone models on the list include the iPhone 6 Plus and the iPhone 5 as well. Other prominent brands on the list include the likes of Canon, Sony, Samsung, Nikon, Motorola, and LG.

There is no big change or any element of surprise in this latest Flickr’s year in review stats. iPhone has been leading the popular device on Flickr since iPhone 4 back in 2011, and it seems like this trend won’t be breaking for some time.


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