iPad Pro slightly better than Surface Pro 4 at stylus tracking [Video]

In an effort to give a boost to declining sales of the iPad lineup, Apple has launched a larger 12.9-inch iPad Pro tablet that runs iOS and also supports an optional stylus called Apple Pencil and a keyboard case. Launching a larger tablet with a stylus has not only pushed Apple further more into the productivity niche, it has also put Apple is direct competition with Microsoft’s Surface Pro, which is not only a full-blown Windows PC but also supports stylus input and keyboard cover.

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While announcing iPad Pro’s optional accessory, the Apple Pencil, Apple had touted it as a “highly responsive” input method with “virtually no lag.” In order to find out how Apple Pencil compare’s to the Surface Pro’s stylus, a journalist and photographer Angel Jimenez de Luis has tried to find out in a couple of videos that can bee seen below.

While Microsoft Surface Pro has seen four revisions since its launch, the iPad Pro, however, seems to have already beaten it at stylus tracking with its first model. A new test shown in a video reveals that Apple’s first iPad Pro is slightly better at stylus tracking as compared to Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4.

Angel Jimenez de Luis, who has already received an iPad Pro and Apple’s yet to be launched Apple Pencil, has put iPad Pro and the Surface Pro side-by-side to check out the stylus tracking of both 2-in-1 convertibles. The aim of his test was to see which device is more responsive to the stylus and while both are good at what they are meant to do, the video clearly shows that the iPad Pro is slightly better than the Surface Pro at stylus tracking.

The video, which was recorded at 12 frames-per-second, compares the stylus tracking of both the iPad Pro and the Surface Pro 4. The slow motion video clearly reveals the lag suffered by the Surface Pro, while the iPad Pro did a great job at tracking its stylus.

It is unclear if Microsoft’s OneNote applciation has anything to do with the lag suffered by the Surface Pro, or if the Surface does a better job at other applicaions. So, we will have to wait for more tests in order to come to a final conclusion.

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