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iOS 9 hack brings 3D Touch responses to iPad Pro via Apple Pencil

Apple launched its 12.9-inch iPad Pro earlier this month but, unfortunately, Apple’s latest pressure sensitive touch screen technology dubbed as 3D Touch, could not make its way into Apple’s latest and largest iPad model. However, that’s changed now, thanks to some tinkering, though.

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Thanks to Hamza Sood who is a developer and has an extensive knowledge of Apple’s mobile operating system. After jailbreaking iOS 9, he somehow managed to links relevant bits of software’s code to manipulate Apple Pencil’s pressure data to correlate into 3D Touch responses. This, however, is only possible on an iPad Pro provides support for the Apple Pencil. The array of sensors made it possible to bring 3D Touch responses to the iPad Pro. These sensors allow users to read layers of pressure data for writing, sketching, and painting.

We have embedded below the brief video posted by Hamza Sood on his Twitter handle, which clearly shows Peek and Pop feature of the 3D Touch working on an iPad Pro through the Apple Pencil. The developer certainly has come up with a neat trick that involves a combination of the hardware and software. This shows how differently the technology released by Apple can be used and implemented other than the ways Apple has released it for.

If you’re curious to learn more about Sood’s method of implementing 3D Touch on iPad Pro, he has posted the full process on Github here.

This is one example of how broad the scope can be for Apple Pencil. Do you think Apple would bring additional capabilities to its Apple Pencil int he future? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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