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Facebook testing features to manage relation with an ex after break up

While World’s top internet social network Facebook is all about being social but sometimes one might not want their posts to be seen, or to see posts from certain someone who is still on the friend list. For instance, an ex after break up. An ex, with whom one recently broke up, is an example of the person removing whom from the friends list is not the best option but, you would want Facebook to not show them your status updates, photos, or videos.

In an effort to manage former relations, Facebook is now testing a tool that will help people manage how they interact with a former partner. Users will get access to these tools when they would change their relationship status indicating that they are no longer in a relationship.

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This new tool gives users option to manage how much exposure their ex-partner;s name and profile photo gets on their timeline without blocking or unfriending them. This will prevent their posts from showing up on user’s timeline and even their former partner’s name won’t be suggested when tagging friends in Photos or a new Message. The user will also be able to limit access to their status updates, photos, or videos that a former partner will see. Even the users will be able to edit and untag themselves from posts with their former partner.

These tools are currently operational in the US for mobile users and these will be rolled out to more users based on the initial feedback from people, says Facebook. The tools are being offered through Facebook help center and are optional.

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Share you thoughts about on this new Facebook features which are meant specifically for people who may be going through difficult moments in their lives.

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