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Official iPhone 6s video reveals a smaller 1715 mAh battery

Despite offering some great hardware specs in its new iPhone 6s, Apple still opted for a battery with smaller capacity than the last year’s iPhone 6, apparently giving the same amount of battery time due to new and efficient hardware.

During the unveiling of the iPhone 6s on September 9, Apple talked about some of the great new hardware and featured included in the new iPhones, such as Apple A9 chip, 3D Touch, and more (check out, top 10 features of iPhones 6s). But, the company failed to confirm the exact amount of juice that powers the device. Luckily, one of the official videos released for the device has possibly revealed that exact capacity of the battery powering the iPhone 6s. If the internal renders shown in an official video are to be believed, Apple’s new iPhone 6s packs a lithium-ion battery with just 1,715 mAh capacity, which is less than 1,810 mAh found on the last year’s iPhone 6 model. Check out iPhone 6s vs iPhone 6 specs comparison.

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It’s not a massive downgrade from the iPhone 6 battery capacity, but many will perceive it as a step in the wrong direction. There is nothing worst than your primary phone dying on you in the middle of a busy day, which is why users always want to see a bigger battery inside their primary device. However, Apple claims that the iPhone 6s should be capable of providing same battery time as that of an iPhone 6 due to improvements at the hardware and software level.

iPhone users have been complaining about its battery life since the first generation of the iPhone devices. Many rival smartphones are capable of providing a full day battery time or more without recharging the device, Apple’s own iPhone 6 Plus is capable of providing such battery experience. Some of the smartphones available in the market can even last up to two days.

Just like any previous iPhone model Apple didn’t talk about the exact specifications for the batteries inside the iPhone 6s. such information is usually revealed once the device is available for purchase and it goes through teardown treatment. Here are the official iPhone 6s specs which Apple has posted on their official website.

If the report of iPhone 6s with 1,715 mAh battery turns out to be correct, would you hold off from buying it?

The battery is revealed at 2:48 mark in the video:

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