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iOS 9 jailbreak has been achieved!

iOS 9 has been jailbroken! Yes, you read it right. The famous hacker and developers, iH8Sn0w, who is behind the popular jailbreak tools such as Sn0wbreeze and P0sixspwn has posted a video demo of the iOS 9 jailbreak showing that he has successfully jailbroken the iOS 9 golden master which was released soon after the iPhone 6.

ios 9 jailbreak

The jailbreak demonstrated on the video is an untethered jailbreak, which means you won’t lose the jailbreak when the device reboots. In a tethered jailbreak, when you reboot your device, you lose jailbreak and in order to get it back you have to connect your device to your computer and tether boot it using a utility.

iH8Sn0w also talked about the iOS 9 features related to security:

Poking into iOS 9 is fun. A little annoyed at some new things. But very surprised at how similar it is to iOS 8 internally.

Worth noting, iOS 9+ arm64 iDevices now enforce a checksum on __TEXT/DATA.const regions of the kernel through the use of TrustZone. Modifying said sections will cause the device to panic (either at kernel or EL3 will force a reboot if the kernel refused to gracefully panic). Essentially, it’s KPP (Kernel Patch Protection). You can race it though if you want to play with things. Just be quick! ;P

Also, there should technically now be two additional partitions (baseband_data [s1s3] and logs [s1s4]) but didn’t really bother with those as they weren’t critical.

It is indeed a great news for the jailbreak community. It was only a few days ago when team Pangu had confirmed that iOS 9 patches the exploits used to jailbreak iOS 8.4.1. At that time, everyone thought that iOS 9 jailbreak would now take a much longer time as the TaiG jailbreak and the PP jailbreak has also been patched. So it is pretty impressive that while several teams are working on an iOS 9 jailbreak, iH8Sn0w comes out of blue and demos a working jailbreak for iOS 9.

Ideally, Appl releases the same GM build as its final version of the software to the general pubic. If Apple does what it has done in the past, the final version of iOS 9 will also be jailbreak-able as soon as is comes out. However, it remains to be seen if iH8Sn0w plans o releasing this jailbreak to the public or not. Since iH8Sn0w was able to jailbreak the firmware, the team like Pangu and TaiG hopefully will also find a way to jailbreak the latest software.

Jailbreakers, however, should hold off from installing iOS 9 when it is released on September 16 to preserve their current jailbreak and wait for the hackers to release an iOS 9 jailbreak.


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