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Bend test reveals iPhone 6s to feature significantly stronger bendgate proof body

When Apple launched its first larger iPhone models; the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s Plus, both devices were hit with a widespread scandal dubbed as “Bendgate”. The iPhone 6, especially the iPhone 6s Plus was found to be susceptible to bending with some pressure applied, and in worst cases it even bent under normal day use pressure.

iPhone 6s indeed uses Series 7000 aluminum for stronger body. Check out official details:

It seems like Apple is working on making the next-generation iPhone models strong enough to not get caught into any scandal such as the “bendgate”. It all started back in April this year, when a report claimed that Apple will be introducing Series 7000 aluminum for the construction of the exterior shells for the iPhone 6s in an effort to address bendgate like issues.

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A new video puts an alleged rear shell of iPhone 6s to test and seems to confirm that Apple is using a new and stronger composition for its upcoming iPhone models, if the rear shell shown in the video is to be believed.

After showing an initial analysis of the leaked iPhone 6s shell, Lewis Hilsenteger of Unbox Therapy performs an in-depth  scientific analysis of the iPhone 6s shell and compares it against iPhone 6. The video shows that the shell of iPhone 6 bent when a force of 30 pounds was applied, but iPhone 6s shell started bending when 80 pounds of force was applied to it. If the alleged shell turns out to be genuine factory component,  the iPhone 6s is going to be more than twice as stronger as the iPhone 6.

Before performing this bend test, Lewis sent of both shell for a chemical analysis using XRF analyzer and found out that the 7000 Series aluminum, used in iPhone 6s case, contains a significant amount of Zinc resulting is a sturdier body. The added Zinc may result in a higher risk of corrosion, but Apple seems to have covered it by adding an extra thick layer of anodization.

Here’s the video showing bend test of the two shells, one from the current-gen device while the others is claimed to be the next-generation iPhone 6s shell.

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