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New iPod nano and Shuffle won’t have access to your Apple Music tracks

Apple has refreshed its iPod lineup by introducing new colors for the iPod Touch, nano, and Shuffle. While iPod Touch hardware has been hugely improved, the nano and shuffle only got cosmetic refresh and that’s not all that these two low-end iPods are missing out here – the iPod nano and shuffle won’t be able to access the Apple Music is any way.

iPod Touch 6G that is launched with an A8 processor and runs iOS 8.4 is capable of accessing Apple Music. iPod nano and the iPod Shuffle, on the other hand, cannot use the offline music copies of Apple Music streaming service.

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Apparently, it looks like the iPod nano and shuffle are only meant for purchased music, as outlined by iMore. Both these devices have no way of accessing Apple Music – Apple’s own music streaming service. When you try to plug in your iPod nano or shuffle to your Mac and try to sync over your Apple Music tracks, a popup with a disappointing messaging appears: “Apple Music songs cannot be copied to an iPod.” Which means all the iPod users will have to rely on their purchased music for their nano and the shuffle.

The reason behind this lack of support is not known at this point, but one theory suggests that it’s probably a record label requirement. It’s possible that they didn’t want someone with Apple Music subscription to download all the songs, transfer them to the new iPod shuffle or the nano, then cancel the subscription and keep rocking on to that copied music forever.

iPod Touch is the only device left in the iPod lineup which can access Apple Music, as it is capable of running iOS 8.4 software. It’s not surprising that Apple’s main focus would be on iPod Touch while the nano and shuffle get left behind.

Planning on getting a new iPod Touch, iPod nano, or the iPod shuffle?

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