Google Chrome for iOS Updated with navigation gestures and Physical Web

A big update to Google Chrome for iOS is now available in the app store. Google has updated its Chrome browser app for iOS with useful navigation gestures and has also added Physical Web compatibility which lets you see and interact with real life smart devices around you.

Physical Web is a product of Google which is an open source platform. It was launched way back in October in an effort to make Internet of Things (IoT) simple. Google hopes it to become a standard for smart devices.

Physical Web takes advantage of Google’s Eddystone beacon technology and the new Proximity Beacon APIs. It pushes the information to the devices over Bluetooth connectivity. With Google Chrome for iOS getting Physical Web, various devices can now send information such as marketing messages directly to the Notification Center on your iOS device. Google’s widget in the Notification Center needs to be enabled in order this to work.

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It’s been two years since iOS 7’s debut, Google has finally given its Google Chrome for iOS users to navigate back and forth while browsing the web using swipe gestures. This eliminates the need to stretch your finger all the way to the top of your iPhone to go back in the browser.

This new Google Chrome for iOS update adds another productivity boost to the browser: when you pull to refresh, you are greeted by three icons across the top of your screen.swiping left will create a new tab, release the figure to refresh, or swipe right to close the current tab.

Before we get to that, I should also mention that Chrome recently picked up another interesting productivity boost: when you pull to refresh, the app presents three icons across the top of the screen.

Google Chrome for iOS is available in the app store for free.

Download Google Chrome app [iTunes Link]

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