iOS 9 iPad keyboard adaptable to higher resolution screens; hints at ‘iPad Pro’

Among other new features in iOS 9 Apple has made some significant improvements to its keyboard as well. iOS 9 brings much better adaptability support to the keyboard view. iOS 9 keyboard for iPad automatically adjusts its size and layout for the larger screen resolutions. The change backs the rumors that Apple will be launching a bigger ‘iPad Pro’.

Steve Troughton-Smith, an iOS developer, is the one who first discovered this keyboard adaptability feature of iOS 9. As shown in the screenshots, the iPad keyboard rearranges itself to take advantage more space on larger screen resolutions.


On larger screens, the iOS 9 keyboard on iPad adds Tab and Caps keys onto the left side as well as an entirely new row of symbols is added to the top. Depending on the mode you’re using, the new row either shows symbols or numeric keys
Tab and Caps Lock keys are notably added onto to the left side as well as an entirely new top row of symbols. Curly braces and “pipe symbol” keys also appear next to the ‘p’ on the first row.

Addition of a new row at the top showing symbols or numeric keys means that there is no longer need for a third page of symbol keys on an iPad, which will make it easier to get at lesser-used symbols.


The revelation of an adaptive iOS keyboard for larger screen devices almost certainly hints at arrival a 12-inch iPad Pro in near future. It’s also suggested that the new Split View and Slide Over features of iOS 9 are designed with a larger iPad in mind.

Apple is rumored to unveiled the larger iPad Pro this Fall, alongside an iPad Air and iPad mini revision. Rumors have it that the new devices could feature Force Touch technology, as well as a USB-C port, as found in the new Macbook.

[via 9to5Mac]


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