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How to report iMessage as Junk on iPhone or iPad

With iOS 8.3 or later, you can now report iMessage as junk or spam on iPhone or iPad with only a few steps. While you’ve always been able to report spam iMessages by sending Apple an email with the screenshot of spam message, the phone number or email ID of the sender, and the date and time you received the message. But let’s face it, majority doesn’t go through all the trouble to report an iMessage as spam. iOS 7 made things bit easier by letting users to block iMessage senders.

report imessage as spam

Keep in mind that you’ll only be able to report only iMessages as Spam. You’ll see an option to mark iMessages as Junk, not the regular SMS. You can however completely block both the iMessages and regular SMS.

Apple’s objective for offering report as Junk option for iMessage is to remove spammers from their servers, in an effort to make iMessage a much happier place for everyone. In order to report an iMessage as spam, simply follow these steps:

How to report an iMessage as Spam on iPhone or iPad

  1. Go to Settings app on your iPhone or iPad running iOS 8.3 or later version.
  2. Then go to Messages section.
  3. Turn the toggle On for Filter Unknown Senders.
  4. Now launch Messages app.
  5. Go to the top of your Messages app and pull down. Tap on the Unknown Senders tab.
    report iMessage as spam
  6. It should list all the messages you received from unknown sender. Tap on the message thread you want to report as spam or junk.
  7. Tap on Report Junk link at the bottom of the conversation.
  8. Confirm by tapping on Delete and Report Junk in the popup menu.
    report iMessage as spam

That’s it! You’ve successfully reported an iMessage sender as spammer.

Sometime you also get junk SMS, to distinguish them from iMessage, see at the top of the thread that either reads Text Message or iMessage. You can report only the iMessages as Spam, however, you can block unknown SMS senders.

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