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‘iPad Pro’ to include Force Touch, USB-C port, NFC, Stylus and more

A new report from AppleInsider claims that Apple is indeed working on a 120-inch larger sized iPad or the “iPad Pro.” From a source familiar with Apple’s future Product plans, Apple Insider has learned that the 12.9-inch iPad Pro will support Force Touch, a USB-C connector, and a Bluetooth stylus accessory.

iPad pro
Report suggests that the larger device is believed to be in works should feature a larger 12.0-inch display, as rumored numerous times before. While AppleInsider’s source did not provide any information related to the launch timeframe of the iPad Pro, the source was able to reveal that the device will be powered with Apple’s upcoming high-end A-series chipset, a new touchscreen with low touch latency, and will also feature Force Touch.

The person also told the publication that iPad Pro will include NFC chip to make it compatible with the Apple Pay payments, which seems obvious considering that existing iPads, iPhones and the latest Apple Watch comes packed with an NFC radio to support Apple Pay. The future iPad is also suggested to come with Apple’s own Bluetooth stylus, which will also be pressure sensitive.

The publication’s source also claims that Apple will also include a USB-C port on the iPad Pro, though it’s unclear if the port will serve as a lightning port replacement or the larger iPad will feature both.
While the iPad Pro has been all around the cloud in the form of multiple rumors and reports, but none of these reports could provide a concrete timeframe for the bigger iPad. Initially, it was expected to be announced at Apple’s Spring Forward event earlier in March this year, but was later rumored to be pushed back for a September unveiling due to manufacturing troubles.

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