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‘iPad mini 4’ to have iPad Air 2 like rear shell design? [Video]

The current iPad mini 3 was launched alongside iPad air 2, but unlike the larger variant of iPad, the iPad mini 3 was a bit of disappointment by adding just Touch ID fingerprint sensor and a Gold color option over its predecessor i.e. Retina iPad mini 2.

So, it’s right time for “iPad mini 4” related rumors to make round of the cloud to get people excited about whatever Apple has coming down the pipe. According to this new video published by French site Nowhereelse.fr, that shows an iPad Air 2 like back panel, this is what iPad mini 4 back panel will look like. The site says that the back panel shown in the video is an early production model.
ipad mini 4 rear shell 1
While the rear shell shown in the video looks pretty similar to the current model of iPad mini, but the removal of mute switch and a single row of larger speaker holes makes it impossible to ignore the characteristics of an iPad Air 2 in this shell.
ipad mini 4 rear shell 2
The site claims that the source of the images ‘could not be more trustworthy’ and has a history of providing accurate information in the past. Take a look at video and the photos of alleged iPad mini 4 back panel for more details. At this point, the release date of next generation of iPad mini is unclear.

The next-generation iPad mini (the iPad mini 4?) is speculated to be as thin as the current generation iPad Air, however, it’s one element of that Apple would have to update to gain attention of the buyers for its mini lineup of the iPad. Stronger hardware under the hood, better screen and may other improvements would go a long way in winning folks over.

Are you more interested in an iPad mini or you like the larger iPad more? What feature in iPad mini 4 would make you interested in buying one?

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