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Apple Watch pre-orders begin 12:01AM PDT, April 10

Apple is all set to launch its first smartwatch, better known as “Apple Watch”, on Friday, April 24. But before the launch, potential buyers will get a chance to pre-order a Apple’s upcoming Watch.

Previously, Apple has said that Apple Watch pre-orders will begin on April 10. Today, the company has confirmed that pre-orders for different Apple Watch variants will kick off on Friday, April 10, a full two weeks before it hits shelves in stores. The pre-orders will open up right after midnight on the West Coast at 12:01am Pacific Time.


Apple has also communicated the precise pre-order dates and times for other markets where the company is going to launch its wearable. All theses dates and times can be found on Apple’s international online stores where buyers can see pre-order local date and time which are equivalent to 9:01pm Pacific Time.

Here’s the list of Apple Watch pre-orders’s date and time in various countries:

  • Australia — April 10, 5:01pm  EST
  • Canada — April 10, 12:01am PT / 3:01 ET
  • China — April 10, 3:01pm
  • France — April 10, 9:01pm
  • Germany — April 10, 9:01pm
  • Hong Kong — April 10, 3:01pm
  • Japan — April 10, 3:01pm
  • United Kingdom — April 10, 8:01am
  • United States — April 10, 12:01am PT / 3:01am ET

In addition to the online store, Apple will also be taking Apple Watch pre-orders via its official Apple Store app for iPhone and iPad. Buyers who pre-order the Watch online or in-store will be offered Personal Setup to customize and pair their newly bought Apple Watch to their iPhone.

Initially, Apple Watch will be launched in nine countries including: Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The aluminum Apple Watch price starts at $349, stainless steel variant starts at $549. The 18-Karat gold Apple Watch Edition will set you back $10,000. There are numerous strap options available across the collection.

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