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Apple may limit the Watch reservations to one unit per person

When the Apple watch pre-orders go live this Friday, customers will only be allowed to reserve only one unit of Apple Watch if they want to order a unit through company’s reserve and pickup service, reports MacRumors.

As reported by MacRumors on Tuesday, Buyers in the United State, the United Kingdom and other launch countries will have to present their valid government-issued ID at the Apple Store where they placed their Apple Watch reservation at the time of pickup. “Only the person named on the reservation will be allowed to pick up the product,” the report reads.
This unit reservation limit is confirmed to be present in the United states and the United Kingdom, but it’s likely that all seven other launch countries will have same limit on in-store pickup reservations. The limit will be applicable on in-store pickup reservations only. Buyers will be able to place as many online orders as they want that will be delivered to their home on April 24.

The Watch reserved for in-store pickup will only be handed over to the person on whose name it has been reserved. Customers are required to pickup the reserved Watch from designated Apple Store and the time and date specified by them. In case of failure of doing so, will result in cancellation of the order and the Watch will be sent back to stock.

Various leaked documents have already revealed that customers won’t be allowed to walk-in to the Apple Stores on the launch day of the Watch and make the purchase directly. Customers are instead encouraged to place an order online to reserve an Apple Watch for themselves.

Apple had similar limits in place for reservations of new iPhone, iPad and other new products in the past.


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