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iPad mini 4 to come with A8 processor and 802.11ac Wi-Fi [Rumor]

Apple launched the iPad mini 3 in 2014 that many thought to be a disappointment given that it’s an iPad mini 2 with Touch ID and in gold color option. A new report suggests that Apple may soon refresh the iPad mini with a speedier on board chip and upgraded Wi-Fi networking feature.

ipad mini 3
The report comes from a fairly accurate Japanese blog named Macotakar. The iPad mini 3 essentially offers same exact features, with marginal differences between the two. According to the Japanese blog, Apple may be changing its attitude towards the 7-inch iPad and actually looking to bring better internal to its next iteration, the so called ‘iPad mini 4’.

Macotakar, citing some unknown sources, calls the upcoming tablet the “iPad mini 4,” and that the new iPad mini refresh will boast an A8 processor found in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, as well as 802.11ac Wi-Fi networking. Despite the rumor expects better hardware internals for iPad mini 4, it will still be missing A8X processor currently found in iPad Air 2. But atleast it would be a departure from older A7 processor found on both the iPad mini 3 and iPad mini 2.

The Japanese blog itself is a bit cautious about the rumors saying that “there is some uncertainty with this rumor,” leading the blog to caution it is not much convinced that the information obtained is 100 percent accurate.

The report doesn’t say anything about the launch timing of the iPad mini 4, but a mid-season launch of iPad mini might not sit well with some people, even if the new device comes with better specifications. Especially those users who bought an iPad mini 3 just to get the Touch ID. A Fall refresh of the smaller iPad might make the most sense, when typically Apple refreshes its iPad lineup.

Despite offering nothing more than Touch ID and a gold color option, Apple charges $399 for an iPad mini 3, a $100 premium for just the Touch ID (iPad mini 2 costs $299, which only lacks Touch ID.)


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