iPad Air 2 to come with 2GB of RAM, A8X chip and 16GB storage option?

As the date October 16, when Apple is expected to unveil iPad Air 2, is approaching closer, leaks related to the components of this upcoming device has already started making rounds all over the cloud. A new batch of photos of leaked parts, first published by Apple.club.tw [translated], shows us several parts that are rumored to be used within the next generation iPad Air 2.


The first photo gives us a close-up at what’s believed to be the A8X processor rumored for the iPad Air 2. Apple featured A7 chip in iPhone 5s, and the original iPad Air had the same chip but clocked at a bit higher speed. It’s believed that Apple is going to do the same for the iPad Air 2, by featuring an A8 processor as found in the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6, but clocked at a bit higher speed. And this new leaks reaffirms that Apple will indeed be using a slightly powerful processor for the iPad Air 2.


Second image posted by the taiwanese blog shows an RAM module manufactured by ELPIDA. As noted by MacRumors, The chip would read a letter “8” within the 2nd slot on its character listing if it were a 1GB module, on contrary, it shows “A” indicating it to be a 2GB module. So the leaked photo hints at a 2GB RAM module for Apple’s upcoming iPad Air 2.


Another leaked photo hints at a 16GB internal storage chip, manufactured by Hynix, that will be used for Apple iPad Air 2. All this means is that iPad Air 2 will come in a 16GB storage option, among higher capacity options that remains to be seen. For the latest iPhone models, Apple introduced 16GB, 64GB and 128GB storage options. 32GB storage model was not announced and Apple may do the same for the iPad Air 2, by skipping the 32GB option altogether.


Apple is widely expected to unveil iPad Air 2, alongside iPad mini 3, and Retina iMac during a media event on October 8. Public launch of OS X Yosemite, Apple’s desktop OS, is also expected on the same day.

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