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AFC2 updated for iOS 8 – iOS 8.1, gives full filesystem over USB to jailbreakers

Soon after the release of Pangu jailbreak for iOS 8.1 – iOS 8, Saurik updated the Cydia and Mobile Substrate to make them compatible with iOS 8-8.1. Now, Saurik has also updated AFC2 package called “Apple File Conduit 2” to make it compatible with jailbroken iOS 8.1-8, which is indeed a great news for those who love to manage their iOS file system via USB. “Apple File Conduit 2” is now available in Cydia, and once installed, it allows users to browse through their entire device’s files by simply connecting it to computer via USB.

AFC stands for “Apple File Conduit”, and it’s used by iTunes and iPhoto to read the media contents on your device. The old AFC is in jailed state and would only allow you to accessed certain media files such as photos, music and app store apps data. However, AFC2 gives you access to the entire file system via USB connectivity. Here’s the description of AFC2 package:

AFC stands for “Apple File Conduit”, and is how computer applications such as iTunes and iPhoto can read and write files from your device over USB.

…please understand that AFC2 is considered by many to be a security hole: you might not want to provide full USB filesystem access…due to security concerns, modern “jailbreaks” now avoid installing AFC2 by default.

Despite the fact that many think of AFC2 as a security hole, Saurik points out that it’s lot more secure, as the connection only works with the “trusted” computers.

To sum it up, there are things one should consider before using AFC2. Although it’s very convenient to plug your iPhone or iPad into your computer via USB cable, and browse and transfer files using apps like iExplorer or iFunbox. But with this added convenience comes the security risks. And, Saurik also states that due to the complex nature of AFC2 support, you may encounter installation issues.

If you’re interested in getting full filesystem access via USB connection, jailbreak iOS 8.1 – iOS 8 with Pangu, install Cydia and then install “Apple File Conduit 2” from Cydia. Now you can use iExplorer or iFunBox to connect and browse through the files on your device via USB connection.

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