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Fully assembled logic board of iPhone 6 leaked?

With about less than four weeks left in expected iPhone 6 official appearance more and more rumors and leaks are surfacing the ground. iPhone 6 has been the victim of leaks and rumors since few days of release of iPhone 5S and it would not be wrong if we call iPhone 6 as the most leaked and rumored device of tech history. On the other hand iPhone 6 is also the most awaited gadget of the year. Apple enthusiasts are very excited to learn about what Apple comes up with in their next generation of smartphone.

As manufacturing process is at its peak at Apple’s manufacturing facilities, we are seeing components leaks every now and then. This latest leaked component is said to be the fully assembled logic board of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6. The photo shared by the folks at Apple.club.tw shows a fully assembled said to be the logic board of upcoming iPhone 6.


Having a look at this leaked logic board, the main component of it, i.e. processor, is concealed from view. So, an A8 processor cannot be seen in this leak due to metal coating which apple covers vital hardware parts with. Than we of course have the slot for nano sim card followed by the slot for flash storage chip that is supposedly from Toshiba. Various connectors for flex cable components can also be seen. Other than these, according to previous rumors, iPhone 6 will feature stronger rear facing camera along with “True-Tone” flash as found in iPhone 5S, an improved Touch ID fingerprint Sensor and how can we forget a slim and sleek design. It’ll most probably be running Apple’s latest iOS 8 mobile OS.

We are now not more than a month away from the officialy unveiling of Apple’s next gen flagship iPhone 6 smartphone. September 9th is the expected and rumored date when iPhone 6 would make public appearance. Anyhow, if most of the rumors turn out to be true, iPhone 6 is going to be great smartphone and is going to be packed with exciting features what Apple is known for. Until than lets wait and see how many rumors come true. That is something only time can tell. Thanks to the sources which make such leaks that reduces our level of curiosity by little.


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